May 17, 2008

Recipe Marathon: Day 2: Kosambari for MBP and 10 Picture Meme

With the warmer months coming soon, or for some of us, already here, Salad making can be a valuable asset. Why you ask? because when it's warm, most of us would rather be doing something other than cooking like relaxing in the sun, visiting with family and friends, or gardening. Isn't it! These form a nice accompaniment with lunch/dinner or even brunch. Salads are for everybody and for anytime of the day (atleast for me!..:D )

I happen to be very fond of salads not only because they taste good, but because they are so versatile. They can also be a complete meal by themselves.

..One such simple salad, which we Indians make very often make is Kosambari. and I made the same from Ashaji's blog. I followed her recipe without any additions and it tasted great!

My dear friend, Dhivya has tagged me for 10 Picture Meme and here are the ones which I like the most...

1. Stuffed Bell Peppers

2. Mor Kali

3. Gobhi ka kheema

4. Click: Love is in the Air

5. My first Dosa

6. Street Style Samosas

7. Boccadillos

8. Oven Baked Chickpea Falafel

9. Chocolate Sformato with Amaretto Whip cream

10. Mexican Wedding Cookies

Anybody who wanna play along this 10 Picture Meme with me is most welcome. ..:). Just let me know if you are doing it, so that I can enjoi your picture creations too!!

Wondering what are my fellow recipe marathon runners are upto... Here is todays' Menu:

Lakshmi started the day with her Coconut Dosa entry.
Home made Sambhar Powder is the best - thats what Srivalli made today!
Whats best on a lazy Sunday afternoon?.. Dhivya's Peas Pulao!
Swati blogs about yummy Bread Upma on her Sunday afternoon.
Never the Late.. Bhags made an aroma filled Coffee Cake.
Arundathi 'tasted n created' some Pierogies today.
Divya Vikram made a perfect evening snack: Vegetable Puffs.. yum!
Raaga made some yummy Chickpea Sundal for us.

Have a great Sunday ahead!



  1. lovely kosambari, siri! Top 10 pics are so mouth-watering.

  2. Healthy Kosubari Dear, perfect 4 us 4 the hot weather Siri... Good top pictures...

  3. oh my my u up with the next day post too... phooph... but kosambri looks so refreshing... and pics r as usual amazing....

  4. Lovely Photos Siri! :) the little squares of Mor Kali are brilliant - it never does photograph well!

  5. gorgeous the kosambri too

  6. summer really is the time to turn on the salads and enjoy fresh flavours!! looks good!!

  7. Something is waiting for you at my blog, Siri! Have a look.

  8. No wonder u luk the way u do...All thanks to luv of salads Huh! Eggs and salads! Girl I think U can live on them practically ;-)

    i am so glad I made u do this meme..Its worth every letter :) and arundati earlier..that Mor kazhi pic is mind blowing!yum of course u also know what else..i drooled at them early this morning ;-)

  9. had a very lazy sunday .. am up with my chotu post....

  10. I am a little behind on my blog hopping, so been missing a lot of events... So let me get it right, a Recipe marathon???? Non-stop recipe posts for two weeks????? Wow, you gals are crazy... :) :D Good luck!!!!

  11. You have a beautiful blog Siri - I can't believe I missed it all these days. I can't wait for your Middle-Eastern Cuisine roundup.

    Best wishes,

  12. I love kosambari with grated carrot and beetroot! this looks really cooling!

  13. looks lovely!..and hey why didn't you ask arundathi of my food blog for recipe marathan..

  14. The salad looks nice and healthy too,and all the other recipes are gr8!!

  15. lovely photos!!!and yummy salad...looks really healthy too:)

  16. wow siri...mouthwatering at the same time healthy recipe.....will have to try some time :) thanks for sharing


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