May 19, 2015

[Farmer's Market Series # 3] Union Square Greenmarket, New York City

It has been more than SIX months since I moved to New York City. Say what? Time just flew and it sure took time for me to adjust to this new New Yorker lifestyle. I still feel like an alien in a mad world that is always is a rush to reach somewhere. There are tons of places to see and so many things to do in New York City. It will be a wishful thinking on my part if I aspire to do them all, but there are a few must-visit places and Union Square Green Market is definitely on top of the list. So, on a fairly overcast Saturday morning, we set off to explore the city as much as we can. The plan was to meet at the market and then move on to other places like Brooklyn Bridge, China Town, Little Italy, Chelsea Market etc. 

This post is a part of the Farmer's Market Series I do whenever I visit a new city. First one was on Mountain View (California) and another featuring a market from back home. It has been a while since the last feature and am so thrilled that I could be photograph this beautiful NYC market filled with gorgeous seasonal produce and artisanal products. Enjoy!

Union Square Greenmarket New York City
Fresh Carrots, not the ones that are bagged and frozen from our local grocery store

May 17, 2015

[Healthy Breakfast Recipes] Kale, Potato and Tomato Mini Frittatas

I am a late bloomer when it comes to reading books. Except for text books and occasional Secret Seven pickups from our school library, my childhood was very pretty unadventurous. Then a time came when I was living all by myself in a foreign country and a stranger (who later became my roommate and a good friend) inspired me to delve deep into a regular reading habit. It started small and now, it has become an integral part of who I am. It took me beyond just pure literature. Reading (especially food fiction) helped me develop an awareness that is very hard to describe or put in words. When I read a recipe now, I can imagine myself cooking one step at a time and almost taste an imaginary version. :-) Today's recipe - Kale, Potato and Tomato Mini Frittatas is I must say an upgraded version of a potato chip topped frittata I usually make for breakfast. If you don't have muffin cups, simply make an omelette out of the egg mixture and you are good to go!

kale potato tomato mini frittatas

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