February 1, 2016

[Pressure Cooker Recipes] Quick Lobia Masala Recipe | How to make Black-Eyed Peas Curry | Step-by-Step

Can someone pinch me please? Is it February already? Where did January go? 2016 has started on such a busy note for me. As usual things were super crazy on most of the days and in the little free time I got, all I wanted to do was slouch in my couch and read books of all kinds - a simple and uncomplicated way to relax. But, honestly a corner of my heart was also longing to sit up, write a few words and publish a blogpost. So, before that feeling of enthusiasm goes away; before am swayed into the monotony of everyday activities that constantly need my attention, here I am sitting in a coffee shop, enjoying a cup of coffee with warm blueberry scone on the side and typing this super quick and easy black eyed pea curry recipe for you all. I make this dish often, on a weekly basis and sometimes substitute with other kinds of beans such as pinto, black bean, red beans and even chickpeas. Either way, it serves as a healthy side dish to a bowl of rice or for a bread/roti. Enjoy!

* This "Pressure Cooker Recipe Series" is dedicated to my awesome project manager at work Robin  and to the glee on his face when he cooks something delicious in his new pressure cooker. He especially loves to make Dhal with geee (that's how he says it for ghee!), ginger, tomatoes and spices * :-)

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