September 14, 2010

YRTML V - Minty Peas soup & Maa Choleyaan' di Daal

 The sheer pleasure of getting to know a variety of recipes and cooking them from my blogger friends is just pure bliss. I cannot thank enough all of you out there who whip such amazing delicacies in your kitchens & feed your family, day-in and day-out. There is nothing that beats a hot-home-cooked-meal made with lots of love. Isn't it! :)

Here are two recipes being featured on YRTML this week. Enjoy.

Minty Peas Soup

Click here for the recipe

It was one such phase, where we both were totally into Soups & Salads, of every kind. That is when, I tried Sala's Fresh Pea & Mint soup. In my recipe, I substituted fresh peas with frozen ones. The soup was very refreshing to the palate, in a way acted a de-tox from our usual carb-loaded dinner. Yummy.!

Maa Choleyaan' di Daal

Click here for the recipe

 Richa aptly describes this dal as 'Punjab di Shaan'. It has been a while that I made this, but I still remember its vivid taste,  the compliments from my office colleagues when I took for lunch. Primarily made with Urad dal and channa dal, it tastes heavenly when served on a bed of rice or some roti on the side. C'mon even Nupur couldn't resist herself from making it. It is that good. :)

September 5, 2010

Roasted Sweet Pepper Focaccia Bread

I very vividly remember my first encounter with a Focaccia with some herbs & garlic. Absolutely delicious. Since then, I have baked this versatile bread with countless number of toppings. Focaccia starts with a simple dough, much easier than most of the bread doughs.

....Just place it in an oiled pan, press the dough out to the edges, dimple it with finger tips, flavor with any fragrant toppings, let it rise a bit and bake it. Done. :). To serve them as a simple treat to children, shape them into small focacce or focacine (little discs made just to fit the palm of our hands). When eaten warm, focaccia can be a one-dish meal, a snack or perfect picnic food.

Slit the bread and fill with onion, mushroom, clam or even creamy cheese fillings. Possibilities are just endless. The twist in this recipe is that I have used my 8 inch cast iron skillet to make the bread instead of the normal baking pan. The result is just spectacular as the little skillet is my new love these days :). I hope, I have inspired you guys to bake some fresh Focaccia bread for dinner tonight :D.

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