June 3, 2017

Freezer Cleanup Thali and MLLA Recipe

It never goes away! - the nagging feeling that I am ignoring this blog and not being consistent in writing about what I love the most: F.O.O.D. The problem is I have not been cooking anything fancy or blog-worthy. Just basic meals like quick curries and lightly tempered dals with our usual rice. Another reason might be that these days I am into other interests like doodling (check out my #100DaysofDoodles project) and hand lettering. With a 9 to 5 job and a 3 hour commute to work, there is little time to spare and most of the times you will find me quietly sitting in a corner, with pen & paper in hand. :-)

..and what prompted me to publish a post is today's lunch which was all about emptying fridge/freezer as much as possible. Here is what I made just an hour ago....

April 30, 2017

My Legume Love Affair (MLLA) 107th Edition

ello lovely people! it is that time of the year again where I am hosting my favorite event in the entire blog-o-sphere: Lisa's My Legume Love Affair. :-) May 2017 marks its 107th edition and I want you guys to get those aprons on, to rock & roll and to celebrate the goodness and versatility of our lovely legumes!

Rules are pretty much the same and once your recipe is posted, add the URL using the Linky tool attached to the end of this post.. Non-bloggers can participate too. Details inside the post. I can't wait to see your recipe entries all month long. Happy Cooking!

March 20, 2017

How To Make Fresh Tomato Basil Sauce Recipe

It was a balmy Sunday morning yesterday where I woke as usual, all geared up to get a few things done on my todo list and was sipping my morning tea when a realization hit like a thunder. If I do my math right, the year 2007 was when I first started blogging; that means this year marks the 10th year anniversary of my food blogging. OMG! 10 years? I have never done anything consistent for that long, ever. I am known to my friends and family to feel super excited about something and getting easily bored after an year or two. No! I thought. I can't abandon my blog anymore. Blogging has given me a sense of purpose when I needed the most, good friends who saw me stumble & grow and gave many cherished memories that still make me smile. I promised myself to blog consistently from now onwards.

I might not be blogging since past few months but I have been active on Instagram where I am sharing my adventures with latest love - Bullet Journalling. In the kitchen, my meals these days are quick and make ahead like today's recipe - Fresh Tomato Basil Sauce, which can be used in a number of different ways like pasta sauce, pizza sauce or even as a base for a quick soup. Make a big batch, store and enjoy. Happy Cooking!

How to make Fresh Tomato Basil Sauce Recipe

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