February 17, 2014

[Meatless Monday] Chai Patte Waali Lobhia (Easy Tea and Ginger Simmered Black-Eyed Peas) Step by Step Recipe

Learn how to make a quick black eyed peas recipe adapted from Raghavan Iyer's very popular book - 660 Curries. I have earlier made Makhani Dal (Whole Black lentils with Ginger, Garlic and Butter) from his book with splendid results and is to this date my favorite way to eat whole lentils. Both the recipes have one thing in common - simplicity with ton of flavor. On busy weeknights, pre-made rotis with easy side dishes like these are a real saving grace.

Easy Tea and Ginger Simmered Black-Eyed Peas

February 11, 2014

[Valentine's Day Recipes] Easy Fruit and Nutella French Toast Stacks

Just in time for Valentine's day, here comes a super easy recipe that has the heady intoxication of love and happiness. Learn how to make french toast recipe, stacked together and filled with tons good stuff like bananas, strawberries and nutella. It cannot get better than that! Same recipe can be made as a savory treat or can be served with jam. Make these love filled stacks for your dear ones and watch them say "Fruiticilious!" at every bite. 

Easy Fruit and Nutella French Toast Stacks

February 5, 2014

Weekend Trip To Chennai | What Did We Do?

We went on an impromptu trip to Chennai last weekend. It was a business outing for TH and I tagged along to roam on its streets, visit few places and eat at a restaurant I wanted to for a really long time. This post and the next will be about our Chennai travel - what we did and where we ate during our short stay in the city known for its wide roads, the BEST sambar, charming people and vibrant yet eclectic culture.

beach. cool breeze. junk food

February 4, 2014

Black and White Wednesdays # 115 - Roundup

Has a week passed by already? It is Wednesday today and that means it's time to paint the day 'Black and White'. :-) Are you ready to see the entries we received? Scroll down and spread some comment love to the participants.

BWW # 116 (Valentine's edition) will be guest hosted by  Lynne of Cafe Lynnylu  and send your entries to lynnylu AT gmail DOT com.

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