May 29, 2008

Recipe Marathon: Day 13: Food Art: Mango Mania...

This got me thinking.. I mean 'real thinking'! .

...what should I do?..

mango shaped cookies?..

mango scented candles?..

something with beads .. (Oh no! I am pathetic at stitching too!)..

..finally, I ended up drawing these..

....few illustrations with crayons inspired from a travel magazine which I happen to browse through some time back!

Off these go to Indira's Food Art series with 'Mango Manthram' as the theme. A special thank you to Indira for taking me back to my good old school days and making me realize that I can still sketch! Yeh Yeh Yeh!

Mango Maama(i)

Mango(Leaves) Ballerina

Chotu Motu Mango Bhaiyya

Mango Juggler

Mr.Mango Mermaid

Though, I love all of these, my favorite is 'Mango Ballerina'..:D.. which one is ur favorite..? I am just curious to know which one get maximum votes..*wink*...!!

[EDIT]: For Recipe Marathon, I am supposed to blog about a 'recipe' today - a different variation of Cabbage Poriyal. U ask whats special with this dish?.. It has some unique ingredients which makes it spicier than usual bland variety.


Heat some oil in a wok, add in our usual tadka (Urad dal + Mustard seeds + Cumin seeds + Red Chillies), with some curry leaves. Let the, splutter and then add in boiled cabbage. Season with turmeric, salt, red chilli powder, sambhar powder, rasam powder and kandipodi.
Mix the contents well and cook for about 5-6 minutes. Serve hot.

Recipe Marathon: Day 13 - Menu

Arundathi made some yummy Mooli and Aloo Parathas today!
Laks whipped up cool and refreshing Mor Kootu. best for these hot summers!
Srivalli is upto some Chicken Masti!
Ranji made a yummy Chocolate Chip Banana bread.
Swati cooked up a combo of Aloo and Parwal.
Bhags says 'Go Healthy' today with her 'Oats bars'.
Divya made a yummy looking curry with Black eyed beans.
Dhivya whip up some cool Brown Rice patties with her leftovers.
Raaga made spaghetti with bechamel sauce.

Have a fun day ahead!



  1. i love them all siri! they're super! i think the juggler is my favorite but i love the ballerina too! :)

  2. smart ideas in those sketches.....Mango mermaid is for me

  3. Mango Mermaid and Mango ballerina in that order. Very cute!

  4. excellent siri!!!loved them all especially the ballerina and the juggler:)

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  6. LOL! OY Siri, wanna go back to Kindergarten? Yeah, looks like Indira bought out the inner child in ya! Good drawing!:)
    Maami or Mama? ;D

  7. I have this huge smile shaped like a mango :-) seeing all your sketches, i love all of them

  8. Oh so cute i love the mermaid Siri. Hope u like sketch, all are beautiful

  9. Wow, wow, artist Sirigaru! Anni pictures chaaaalaaaa chaaaalaaa baagunnayi! I couldn't held my awe at your imagination! I like ballerina and mermaid. So cuuuutee!

  10. These sketche are soo cute,loved all of them,specially the Ballerina..

  11. I loved the mermaid Siri..Lovely sketches..And the cabbage poriyal looks great

  12. how wonderful - I bet it was a lot of fun. Can't choose, I love them all.

  13. love them love them alll...
    too good... the juggler and chotu motu bhaiya is ttooo good.. :)
    first prize to you buddy ... maan gaye aapko...:)

  14. Siri..all of them are so very cute..never knew you can do so well..each one looks pretty on its all of them get my vote!

  15. Love your "Mango Family". And I'm not playing favourites, love them all.:)

  16. Naku kooda Mango Ballerina nachindi, Siri! That chef's mango nose is cute too! So's the mango mermaid!

  17. Very nice Siri. Interesting to see the race. Viji

  18. Dear Siri,
    I like all of them , So I asked my little artist and she told me innocently 2nd one (Bellerina) and Mermaid ...LOL..
    All are soo cute ..
    Like the Cabbage Poriyal also ...
    Hugs and smiles

  19. very nice post with lovely drawings for mango mathram siri....

  20. All the sketches are AMAZING Siri. Really not able to pick one. Each one is unique in it's own sense and very creative.

  21. Siri, the drawings are very beautiful, neat! Cabbage poriyal..looks simply yum...!! Tks 4 sharing!

  22. I like the juggler...and he has good taste in shoes too.:D

  23. Who knew mango has this many avatars. Just adorable! I love them all.:) Thank you Siri for adding fun and joy to Mango Manthram event.

  24. ballerina is my fav !!!!!!!!all though all the sketches are fantastic siri


  25. these are so adorable!!! go siri!!!

  26. these are so adorable!!! go siri!!!


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