June 16, 2008

AWED: Middle Eastern Cuisine - Roundup

Disclaimer: Enter at your own risk! Highly addictive stuff coming ahead. Any resemblance or reference to persons living or dead is purely unintentional and the main motive is just 'Fun' & 'Humour'. For any questions or concerns reg the roundup, send me an email...:)

Finally Finally, the Mega Roundup for AWED: Middle Eastern Cuisine is here!

...Grab a cup of coffee and relax in your couch folks..!! its time to ride away to deserts of Middle East and taste some yummiest delicacies of the region!!!


All thanks to this wonderful lady, who gave me this opportunity to guest host this awesome event and Oh boy! I thoroughly enjoyed it!.

Lets kickstart the ride with her yummy 'Beetroot Hummus'. Shall we?

This beverage was indispensable during exams for me,
Anu went ahead and gave it a fancy name as 'Kuwaiti Tea'[1]

When again, we challenged Anu to flatter
she came up with her yummy ‘Zattar Platter’[2]!

Its one sure way to refresh your senses...
the budding cook's home made 'Bakhlava'[4] and 'Roasted Red Pepper hummus'[3]!

I started cooking a dish for this event, which turned out to be a mystery
I boldly went ahead and named it 'Spinach Pastry'[5]

Then I made Seena's yummy Arabic 'Eggplant rice'[6],
....... for which u have to pay no price.

Sangeeth whipped up a yummy appetizer - 'Salatat Bhatinjan'[7]
trying to pronounce it would be great fun!

Have to say, Aparna's kiddo damn lucky,
for (s)he gets to taste her ‘Shortbread cookie’[8].

Bee and Jai made a beautiful 'Whole Wheat Challah Bread'[9],
...... again they prove, so difficult is their path to tread.
Ranji creates a 'Turkish seeded bread - Pide'[10],
the sight of first bread filled her with immense pride!

EasyCrafts whips up a yummy dish - 'Lemon juice and Lentils'[11]
with sumptuousness, our stomach it fills!
Check out Kalai’s colorful 'Saffron Couscous'[12]
on tasting, I am sure the worst of enemies will call over for a truce!

Lovely Nupur writes for One Hot Stove
where she unveils her Middle Eastern ('Kizartma'[13] & 'Couscous'[14]) treasure trove.
To taste Uma’s yummy 'Baboosa'[15]
I would, any given day jump off the Leaning Tower of Pisa!
Lara made these beautiful 'Turnip pickles'[16]
Yum! see how they give you luscious trickles!

Ashaji’s entry this time is 'Khoubiz and (Adas bis silq) Lentil Soup'[17],
go! check out her blog and you will know why is she the leader of the troupe!

Here is a yummy 'Hummus dip'[18] by dear Meera,
continuing the saga of irresistible Middle eastern aura!
Our next stop is at Sreelu’s Tasty Travels,
where, 'Sun dried Tomato Hummus & Baked Pita chips',[19] she unravels.
Coming up, Lisa’s 'Chickpea & Olive Salad'[20]
............is a truly colorful culinary ballad!

Next is a healthy 'Lentil Fattoush Salad'[21] from Suganya’s Tasty Palette(s),
don't you agree, if I say - She will win an election without the ballot!
Smitha made a delicious 'Chipotle hummus/bean dip'[22],
was wondering - if for free she could ship!
How about Priya with her home made 'Pita Bread Sandwich'[23],
it will for sure add to your dinner plate, a soothing touch!
Ever heard of ‘Yemeni Ginger Coffee’[24]? from Petra of ‘Food Freak’,
it is one stop place for all the food, that you always seek!

Check out Meeta’s 'Couscous Salad'[25] at What’s for Lunch Honey,
Microsoft might find her blog a better deal than Yahoo, for their money!
Sumathi cooked up delectable 'Moroccon Fried Eggplant'[26]
making sure you record Sumi’s kitchen in bolder font!

Sireesha’s scrumptious 'Hara Bhara Kabab'[27]
am sure will raise a frenzy in any hungry mob!
Here is Happy Cook with a colorful 'Hibiscus Tea'[28]
If it were available, this would be preferred to nectar, by the honeybee!!

Two yummy dishes - 'Majuddarah'[29] and 'Falafel'[30] made by dear Jayashree,
Wow! such lovely delights she has given us for free!
Nirmala experimented with 'Bird Nest Pastries'[31] at her Amma’s special,
…whet our appetite even if our tummies are full!
Here come delicious 'Turkish Tomato Pilaf'[32] from JZ’s Tasty Treats,
......which I am sure is sweeter than the lines of Keats!

Cham’s creativity was let loose,
the proof is this healthy 'Veggie Couscous'[33]!
'Aish sal Sarraya'[34] is from Arachana’s kitchen
A cool dessert to contrast the summer’s scorching sun!

Coming up next is yummy ‘Pistachio and Walnut Baklava’[35] made by Y,
Man! I am sure, upon trying, u will give out a delightful cry!

Here comes a classic middle eastern 'Harissa soup'[36]
Jenny, could you make it for the entire group!

Amelia made the classic middle eastern 'Hummus' & 'Tahini'[37],
I know, this will be the first thing you will ask from Alladin’s Genie.
Next is 'Baba ghanouj'[38] from Sowmya of Creative Saga
In middle eastern cooking, this is like a classic carnatic raaga!
Divya sends her delicious 'Haleeb ma hal'[39]
nothing beats this elegant drink, your stomach will instantly cool!
Mythreyee gives us her luscious 'Herbed Feta Cheese dip'[40],
a lovely accompaniment for a pack of pita chips.

Look at Bhags delectable 'Tzatziki'[41],
it is so yummy that I couldn’t take my eyes off like a tape so sticky.
Lets welcome Chitra with her 'Greek salad'[42] with 'Bean and Spinach Rice'[43]
........... to add the needed touch of spice!
Try out Rachel’s 'Millet Falafel'[44]
I am sure, you will beat Google, if you open a store for these to sell!!

Anna writes for 'Morsels and Musings',
for this event, 'Tabbouleh'[45] & 'Hummus'[46] have taken off on her creative wings!
Here comes Jamie’s 'Turkish Delight'[47]!
I challenge! try and resist it with all our might!
Welcome Zita with her 'M’sakhan'[48] – a yummy almondy Arabic bread,
any inihibitions about Middle Eastern cooking you may have, will shed!

Don’t miss Medhaa’s 'Hummus'[49] with 'Falafel'[50],
enjoi your stomach’s full, why bother u can always take a pill!!
Check out Divya’s 'Baklava'[51] and 'Potato pies'[52],
you are guaranteed to try them in 3 days, thrice!

Next in our middle eastern journey, is Bharti of Veggie Foodist,
her 'Tandoori Tikkis' and 'Moutabel with Toasted Pitas' [53] gave snacks a new twist!
Cheryl shared her secret recipe - 'Almond Rosewater cookie'[54],
............which could be easily tried by any rookie!
Right on time is Shubha with a cool 'Cucumber and Yougurt dip'[55]
......a befitting entry for this hot summer, make it.. thats my tip!
How about a bowl of pretty 'Beetroot Hummus'[56], by Dee of Ammalu's Kitchen,
............proving once again that the ‘spoon is mightier than the pen’!

P.S: A special thanks to 'S' - my husband, who came to my rescue with his ever cheerful smile, when I completely ran out of ideas, bursting out, scratching my head about what to write..
.....and I can surely say - he saved this roundup..:)
Thank you so much to one and all for sending in your delectable entries to this month's AWED: Middle Eastern and making it a grand success!!..
Wondering whats the next theme for AWED? Its "CHINESE"...!!
Check out Dhivya's space for more details!!

Before I sign off - Wishing you a very Happy Father's Day!.... I love u Dad.. and I miss u!

Source: 4KraftyKids

- Siri


  1. The disclaimer is quite right. Some serious addictive dishes are here, thanks to you, Siri.

  2. Siri what a round up.
    I think each and every dish was so wonderful looking and i loves that u explained it in a easy manner.
    I think one can give a party with the theme Middel Eastern food.
    Don't have to go anywhere else, just have to come to this place.
    Really wonderful round up.
    Seeing all thsoe delicious post i am glad i made it in the last minute. And you are so fast with the round up

  3. Oh my my!! What a colorful round up, great job Siri. I am specially drooling over #35 and #52!! Beautiful!!:)

  4. Mega this sure turned out to be :)

    Stylishly simple and elegant round up - easy to wade through all this beautifully showcased recipes. Middle Eastern Cuisine will surely pat ur back for this wonderful publicity. Great Job Siri :)

    Hugs till u choke

  5. Siri..This is the first post am looking at after my break for a week..That was too well presented Siri..love middle east food a lot especially because they are healthy..Thanks a lot Siri

  6. That is a wonderful round up Siri. Loved reading the rhyming description of each delicious dish. Good job..

  7. The round up is all to be a hit
    will all those wonderful delights
    the credit goes to you dear Siri
    for all the hard work and sherry

  8. Superb round-up Siri, Thank's for hosting:)

  9. Oh, my, my... That's one drool-worthy round-up, Siri, dear!! So many delicious dishes to try out! Thanks for hosting. :)

  10. Wow! Wonderful round up!

    When I read your write up, I felt like you walked me through holding my hand. Simply Excellent!


  11. Thank you for hosting, Siri.:-)

  12. I don't know why i enter after reading the disclaimer. Those dishes are really killer MIdlle eastern feast! Lovely round-up Siri!

  13. nicely done, siri! absolutely gorgeous round-up!

  14. CHinese I can definitely do :-) Lovely round up.

  15. Sorry dear, I couldn't send any entry this time. With preparing for my mom's arrival and stuff, I couldn't participate. Will surely send my entry for your Frozen Yogurt Event.

    Lovely round up. All the dishes look so tempting.

  16. lovely roundup siri! chala chala chala chala baagaa present chesaru! Enjoyed participating in it.

  17. madam jiiii kya round up hai ... seriuosly some middle eastern restaurant looks at this and they wud thank u tons for this publicity...

  18. excellent round up and a beautiful post..

  19. Lovely and neat round-up..Love the text..you did a darn good job hosting as well with this...

  20. One fantastic round up Siri!..great job!

  21. Siri, you are fabulicious,
    this round-up is so delicious!

  22. That's a great "rhyming" roundup you've put together, and such a tempting collection of food.
    Thanks, Siri.

  23. Fantastic round up Siri...lovely write up..even better photos!!Kudos to you!!

  24. Hi Siri, super round up, I am still kicking myself for not getting around to sending my entry. Anyways, there's something for you at my blog - do check it out!

  25. what a wonderful write up Siri , Hats off to S and you for writing such a nice post and yes these are seriously addictive recipes!! Thanks for hosting!

  26. Siri, round-up's really neat and attractive. Keep up the good work!

  27. Great Round-Up Siri! There are some wonderful dishes here!

  28. What a wonderful round up and what a neat way of presenting all the entries! So creative Siri!

  29. Siri, excellent round up , I am drooling over all the entries

  30. Siri, That is interesting!A page to bookmark and treasure. Cool post..I am sure I will refer to this often!

  31. thanks siri for your generous offer - but my sending in an entry now would hardly be fair to the rest of the bloggers who made it on time. However, to celebrate your efforts - a middle eastern dish, one of my favorites, waits for you at my blog. do drop by!

  32. thanks siri for your generous offer - but my sending in an entry now would hardly be fair to the rest of the bloggers who made it on time. However, to celebrate your efforts - a middle eastern dish, one of my favorites, waits for you at my blog. do drop by!

  33. Siri my sweet - how I wish Microsoft would make me an offer I cannot resist. I'd retire and food blog till I happily die. LOL! A lovely lovely roundup from a grand hostess. Thank you so much!

  34. Wow...thats a lovely roundup..

  35. what a beautiful round-up Siri!! I missed this for 5 days, my bad! Great job! :-)

  36. OMG - GREAT JOB!!! The poem was quite amazing :-)



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