June 6, 2008

Arusuvai has arrived!!! and Winners for Open Sesame 1

Yes, u heard it right.. my most awaited moment has finally arrived!.. when I got my USPS package from lovely Dee. Thanks for the lovely treats Dee ..U surely made my day !!

Here are some clicks..

Dee's sweet letter and yummy Mango Tandra!

Koora Podi (Curry powder)

Koora Podi recipe for Dee's blog!

Homemade oats spelt with nuts, maple syrup and honey!

Oats spelt recipe.. coming up on Dee's blog!

Bamboo Utensil set

Thanks Dee, for all the goodies. I love them all!!.. I am all set to whip some yummy dishes with these ingredients this weekend..:) will post the recipes soon!


Winners of Open Sesame 1:

Its time for some more fun now..its time to announce the winners of Open Sesame 1 - the voting took place from June 1st to June 5th 2008 and here are the results:

Box 1: Okra

Kalai - 75% (9 out of 12 votes)
Divya - 25% (3 out of 12 votes)

Winner is - Kalai.. Congratulations dear!

Box 2: Spice

Winner is Arundathi. Congrats Anu!!

Box 3: Grain

Uma - 33% 6 out of 18
Srivalli - 11% 2 out of 18
Madhu - 27% 5 out of 18
Rachel - 11% 2 out of 18
Cham - 16% 3 out of 18

...and the winner is Uma. Congratulations dear!!

My hearty wishes to all the winners. Please send in your shipping address to ifl(dot)opensesame(at)gmail(dot)com and a surprise gift would be sent to u soon!.

Open Sesame 2 is already announced...Here I present you some rules for the game!

Note: Please do note that some rules have been modified..:)

You have 4 boxes to choose from...each of them has a riddle about - a veggie, a grain, a fruit and a spice(not necessarily in this order.. any box can have any category)

Rule 1) You can make any random selection of any the boxes which would contains one of the above mentioned ingredients (only 1 box per person) by shooting an email to ifl(dot)opensesame(at)gmail.com, with your Name and Choice of box. Within 24 hours, a riddle would be sent to you.

Rule 2) By June 24th 2008 (midnight EST), you need to crack the riddle and find out the hidden ingredient.

Note: 3 chances in total would be given to each participant. Once the riddle is sent, the member replies back with her first guess. If its correct, then BINGO! - She gets 25 points. In case, the first guess is incorrect, a hint would be automatically sent to the participant and will be playing for only 20 points; 2nd hint - 15 points; 3rd hint - 10 points.

Each line of the riddle has a hint to the secret ingredient.. Please do place a close attention to those.. and believe me, cracking the riddle is a no-brainer..:D

Rule 3) Once we confirm that you have the ingredient right, you can go-ahead and make a super duper preferably a vegetarian recipe with it. Recipe along with the puzzle will have to be posted in the week of 25th-30th of June 2008 with a link back to this announcement and Dhivya's blog.

Send in your entry details -"Name", "Recipe Name", "Recipe URL", a 300 X 300 photo to ifl(dot)opensesame(at)gmail(dot)com.

Rule 4) Common Voting will begin from 1st - 5th of July (midnight EST), where forum members get to vote for their favorite recipe and we have one winner who will receive a surprise gift!!..:lol:

Note: Yes not only the prize but points help too since every 6 months there is a count of total points which get that person another surprise gift. Isn't that exciting!!! :)

Lets be a sport and crack the code by ourselves or ask family members. NO fellow blogger's help allowed :D

[Non-bloggers can also participate. All they need to do - send an email, solve the riddle and send in the recipe, I will post them on my blog at the end of this month!]

In any case, if you donot receive ur riddle in 24 hours, please leave a message here in this thread.

So, Are u all set for the second edition of Open Sesame. Lets get cracking then,,:lol:

Have a great weekend ahead!



  1. Im glad that U liked it Siri!! Nice pictures!

  2. hi siri..mango papad looks yummy,.one of my fav,..have mailed my box number for the open sesame,.waiting for the riddle...wht bout recipe arathon...2?

  3. Thats a wondeful treat from Dee. Enjoy cooking with those ingredients and utensils.
    Congrats to all the winners of OS.

  4. Wow, those are some wonderful goodies, siri! So what are you going to make with the koora podi? Just curious.

    Thanks for the wishes, dear! I really enjoyed playing along open Sesame! Thanks for hosting such a great contest. Happy weekend to you too!

  5. Thats wonderful..congrats to the winners!..

  6. the bamboo set looks very cool! thanks for the open sesame 1, Siri - it was tons of fun. :-)

  7. Lovely arusuvai package, Siri....waiting to see what you cook....

  8. hey siri, one question abt the open sesame..does the recipe have to be vegetarian??

  9. hey goodies are wonderful,and congratulations to all the winners.

  10. cool goodies haan... and one pat on ur back especially for this wonderful event..

  11. just when i was away, u had to have all fun stuff happening on ur blog eh? :) good to be back!

  12. this is so exciting. have emailed u, send me the clue fast :D


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