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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Who am I ?? - Revealed!!

I asked you to guess and you, wonderful folks came up with answers of almost all kinds - drumsticks to mushrooms!..:D... and here is folks.. the RIGHT ANSWER!!

Before that.. let me give a small gist of who all guessed it right!!

...On the whole, there were some correct answers by - First by,Dhivya, who 'personally' emailed me
the answer,

Dhivya said:

"Fried Capsicum / Fried Brinjal....Fried Brinjal in some curry sauce more so ...:D"

then its Sia who commented as:

"its capsicum or eggplant :)"

and finally, Ranji said:

"looks like some kind of manchurian...eggplant??".
No dear, its not a manchurian!!..:)

...But the bingo answer was by Anuzi, who correctly guessed at one shot!

"I think it maybe Egg plant. I can't imagine what else it could be. But I am extremely curious."

Great Job buddy!!..

...Saswati for close enough, by calling it a Chinese dish! Yes, it is one!!..:)

...and the correct answer is...............'Fried Eggplant dipped in Garlic Sauce!'

I was surprised when the waiter got this for me. I actually asked him -

" I am sorry! I think you got me a wrong dish!".

But, he was like -

"No madam! It is Eggplant with Garlic Sauce!"...;)

I must say, it tasted incredibly tasty and for 7 bucks he gave so much, that I had to get some as a takeout!. Hmmmm, cool huh?
In a nutshell, it was a lovely candle light evening for us with some yummy Chinese food on the table!...:D

Hope you all enjoied playing this Guessing Game as much as I did!

Thanks all for you participation and May you all have a lovely week ahead!



  1. I was so FAR off the mark, wasn't I????

  2. See i told you i was very bad at guessing...never even thought of eggplant or capsicum and the colour of the dish made me think it was chinese:)

  3. that was fun Siri, the seeds in the pic made it little easy to guess;)

  4. I would never have guessed it as eggplant!

  5. well very hard to think that its eggplant u will hv to luk closely,,

  6. I did think it was a chinese dish :-)

  7. eggplant?!?!?! phew!! I would never have been able to guess it anyways.... Goos to hear u had a nice time!

  8. HOORAY! I WON SOMETHING! Aww yea all those years of hanging in my moms kitchen and eating her food before it hit the serving plate paid off! I recently went to a veg chinese place in jersey city and we ordered an eggplant dish that looked similar to the pic...hence the guess work. YAYYYYY! I love these games keep them coming :o)

  9. looks like i was close enough :))..had fun guessing...

  10. Had fun participating in the guessing game!! Eggplant? -- see I told ya, I make fool of myself in these guessing games!!:-)

  11. Ahhh! at last I 'won' something! seriously! Given any situation I would usually do a v good job, but name it a 'contest' , 'challenge' and you can be damn sure I would do my level best to make a mess of it *unintentionally* of course :-D

    Good one...Any more coming up? ;-)

    BTW : Do u happen to remember we have an unfinished game which is hanging out there in 'our' community?

  12. I am so glad that you enjoied my little guessing game, as much as I did!

    @ Jayashree: Its ok dear. Even I am very bad at guessing! But, always try my luck!.. who knows, I MAY win sometime..;)

    @ Saswati: Yes da, the dish has that color I think do u some vinegar and soya sauce..:) Thanks for playing along Saswati!

    @ Sia: Great job Sia. U guessed it right!..

  13. @ Homecooked: I know its a bit hard to guess it as Eggplant . Even I didn't when it was right in front of my eyes!

    @ SMN: What u said is true SMN!

    @ HC: :-))

    @ Vanamala: Its ok mala, when I come up with something next time, will definitely let u know!

  14. @ Ramya: Thanks dear. We indeed had a great time! ..:DD

    @ Anu: Congrats Anu, U guessed it one go.. with no other choices! See, all these years of hanging out with mom in the kitchen paid off!! Great job!

    @ Ranji: U guessed right Ranji. Good Job, though it was difficult guessing it as EGGPLANT!

  15. @ Meera: No re. I was fooled by it when it first arrived on my table. ..;).. so, the credit goes to the restaurant chef who made this.. what say??.. hehhee..

    @ DK: Hehehe, U did it babes! 'S' was like, nobody will guess it as Eggplant, but u ppl did it!.. I said the same to him! I was so intrigues by this dish, immediately took a photo and blogged about it!..:)
    Oh ya, I totally forgot about 'our game'.. will continue from tmrw.. what say?..

  16. Oh i missed it :(( nyways it's awesome!!!

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  18. wow this looks nice... but who can say this is eggplant?? hehe.. wud love to have the recipe... can u guess wt is put into it??hehhe...

    u have a nice blog here....

    do check my blog too and give ur comments...:D

  19. Ohh.. nice game.I want to play it


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