April 22, 2008

Bell Pepper stuffed with Black eye bean filling

The soul of typical Mexican cooking lies with the infinite number of *peppers* they have. Sweet or spicy, they are as brilliant as glistening jewels when fresh, but turn darkly mysterious, hinting at complexity and nuance when dried...:D

So, when Dhivs of Culinary Bazaar announced her A.W.E.D event with a Mexican theme, I knew whats my first entry would be - PEPPERS!!
Off I went for pepper-hunting last weekend. My initial idea was to get some Poblano peppers, but I ended up with some gorgeous looking - Green Bell Peppers.

...in Mexican cuisine, I love Grilled Stuffed Chili Rellenos and this was a perfect opportunity to try them out (for the first time.. yipeee) in my kitchen and of course to impress some souls around.. hehhee..:D

I made few variations from the original recipe, made it more spicy (hey! we all love spicy food, don't we..:D ). The recipe called for some baked beans, instead I used some black eye beans (my favorite of all beans) with shredded potato!!! The taste was absolutely divine and I am so sure that I would end up making this dish again and again! All thanks to Dhivya's Worldly Delight, I have got to try something new and delish!!!

Adapted from here


2 Green Bell Peppers
2 tbsp Olive Oil
1/2 cup fat-free shredded Cheddar Cheese

For the bean filling:

1 can Black eye beans
2 jalapeño peppers
1/4 cup chopped Onion
2 cloves of Garlic (grated)
3 tbsp crushed Tomatoes
1/2 cup shredded Potatoes (boiled and peeled)
1 tbsp Red Paprika
Salt to taste
Fresh Cilantro


Cut the bell peppers into two halves, remove the seeds. Preheat the oven for 300 deg.
Rub some olive oil on the peppers and bake them for 8-10 minutes.

To prepare the filling, in a wok, heat oil, add garlic, chopped jalapeño peppers and onions. Saute until brown. Now add in crushed tomatoes and shredded potatoes. Mix well and cook for couple of minutes.
Finally add the cilantro, beans and season with salt and red paprika. Cook for 4-5 minutes until done. Turn off the heat and mix 1/2 the cheese into the mixture.

Spoon the mixture into the baked peppers.

Sprinkle the left over cheese on the stuffed bell peppers.

Preheat the oven fro 375 deg and bake these for about 10-15 mins until the cheese melts.

To make it a sumptuous dinner bit, I served these with some Coriander flavored rice - Just dropped in few fresh Cilantro leaves with a tsp of oil and some salt while cooking up rice.

Stuffed Peppers served with Coriander flavored Rice

Hope you have a great week ahead!!

- Siri


  1. Wow, thats something spicy hot and tasty.... I cant wait to try it...
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks Yummy..Nice pics..Thanks

  3. this is fantastic. and so much healthier than the traditional recipe..

  4. @ Cinnamon: Thanks dear. yup, it is hot and spicy .. do try and let me know how was it!!

    @ Rupa: Thanks Rupa.

    @ Bee: Wow, I am so glad u liked it Bee. Yes, it has less calories and same flavor when compared to the traditional one..:D

  5. This looks so yumm, will have to try. thanks for sharing

  6. looks so wonderful sri!love those pictures

  7. Oh that looks great, yummmmmmm!!!

  8. Not a big fan of Mexican food but your pics look wonderful!

  9. that is a very nice filling for the peppers! so, i guess u let the potato cook during baking & not before!

  10. @ Medhaa: Glad u liked it...:D

    @ Dhivya: Thank you dhivya..:)

    @ Madhavi: Thanks dear.

    @ TBC: I am surprised to know that u are not a fan of hot n spicy Mexican food TBC. Glad u liked the pics..:D

    @ Richa: yes, I boiled and peeled the potato and then grated it and stirred it in the bean mixture.

  11. It is drool worthy especially with the gooey green pepper, ah Siri, i shall leave ur page soon , make me hungry with those picture... wonderful dish!

  12. They look Awesom Siri..Will try this easy recipe

  13. And the story continues!......

    which story? The story of one girl who luked at another girl's dish snaps and got hungry.. wala story..remember?

    and ya it happened again now after chking it out here in the web!that plate makes me hungry everytime I look at it! yum!

  14. That looks very good - I wish we got ready-grated cheese here, I'm too lazy for all these things!

  15. @ Cham: Thanks Cham..:D hehehe.. I don't want u to leave.. wait wait!!! glad u like it!!

    @ Divya Vikram: Thanks Divya.

    @ DK: Oh here comes the 'host'..:D usually I am the 'girl' who drools over ur goodies.. hehhe. I am happy that u liked these Dhivs...:D

  16. @ Sandeepa: Thanks dear.

    @ Sra: Hyderabadlo e madhya anni dorukutunnayi ani vinnanu.. hope u can get some grated cheese too..even I am a bit lazy to 'grate'.. hehe..:D

  17. Wonderful..today iam going to try this :)

  18. The cheesy baked bell peppers look worth a try!

  19. @ Vanamala: and let me know how it turned out..:D..will u??

    @ Rachel: definitely rachel.. and I assure u will enjoi to the fullest!!

  20. Gorgeous dish! Love the cheesiness. :)

  21. Wonderful dish....the cheese on the top makes it more appealing.


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