April 30, 2008

JFI Love: Street style Samosas

"Hardships come and go...yet SHE prevails
Everyone may leave, but SHE sure stays

When I cry, SHE feels the saltiness of my tears in HER lips
When I laugh, SHE gets excited and happiness about her drips

My hardships become HER struggle,
My success HER goals
My desires HER wants
My dissapointments HER gloom

Is this what they call the blood bind?
A bind which connects two souls together ?
Is this the doing of the umbilical cord..?
Or the loving gestation of 2 in one body for 10 months?

I have all the questions but I have no answers
Among the millions of Nature's mysteries unanswered
Is from where does the unrequited Love flowing from HER comes from enrapturing us all! "

- written by my best buddy!

Growing up in a traditional Brahmin family, customs and rules are self explanatory which although not likable have to be followed. But SHE never imposed them ever on me for which I will always be thankful. I owe my education ( in a foreign land ) and ' the love of my life ' to her which she unselfishly bestowed , for the sole reason of my happiness.

Her sacrifice with respect to me and my sister is unaccountable.One of best facets according to me would her cooking which remains unparalleled till date. By now I am sure you all realised who I am talking about - yes my MOTHER.

Her beliefs for good education made her pursue her Masters (Economics) at the age of 42 as if her office work, bringing up two children and managing a home was not a struggle enough. My childhood fantasy has always been of opening a restaurant wherein my mom gets to cook, dad gets to supervise the whole venture and me of becoming a manager ( managing the money for personal use more so than for the restaurant. But well thats a different story altogether!). My childish garble would be always patiently acknowledged with a smile. :)

Her signature dish is 'Vegetable Biryani and Aloo kurma', which I already blogged about. But she has one unfathomable favorite - 'Samosas'. No not the typical ones which we make healthy and wealthy at home, but the ones prototyped as Junk with classic characteristics - Oily , simple fillings typical of railway stations and Cinema halls.!! Hard to imagine, but v v adorable I would say especially when my mom in all excitement would insist that my dad get them for her!..:D

When Jigtyasa and Pratibha announced the theme of Jihva as 'Love', I could think of only my mom and her love for those samosas.

I made them at home today, just for her... though she is not there with me physically to relish them...

Dear Mama, these are for you and I promise to make them for my next visit to India..:D

Recipe is the same as the oven baked shingaras, made for RCI. Its just that I deep fried the samosas this time to get the junk food flavor which my mama loves the most!

Psst Psst, have you heard of the new International Food League (IFL) contest, starting tomorrow. I heard its pretty interesting and the best part is we can win prizes!.The first edition of IFL is aptly named - 'Open Sesame'. Wondering whats that. Check this link for a jist and more details soon!
Yohooooooooo! Check back
this place tomorrow for the announcement and looking forward for your participation...:)

Update: The secret ;) rules of 'Open Sesame' are out... check out in the forum..:D. So, whats ur choice of box???



  1. yeh yeh yeh! can I join the IFL too ;-)

    Dint know it was a secret (psst..psst?? ) hehehe Open secret may be :-D

    But U made me crave for samosas at 10:00 PM right after dinner! Now i know why I am putting on oodles of weight..Its u..that unaccountable banana at 10:15 was due to YOU! i mean who gets hungry after dinner! Anyways..take care..recover from ur 'sniff sniff' soon :)

  2. street samosas are my favorite indulgence. and this looks unbelievably super.

  3. wow...woow...my all time fav..siri..those look lovely and a nice post on your mom!~

  4. Oh Siri, i love the street samosa who cares about oil and other stuffs when it tastes heaven! Lovely post and samosas. Congrats once again to run and make it active the forum!

  5. Oooooohh My god its really tempting. Those are my big fav Snack. And street samosas, You took me to the golden days. Its a very nice Recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Very fitting tribute, Siri!

  7. @ Dhivs: hehehhe, I was expected such a funny comment from u..;) yeh yeh, my samosas gave u hunger pangs.. hehehhaha..:D and how dare u call 'sniff' 'sniff;..*angry face*..;)

    @ Arundhathi: Thanks dear. I wanted to make these just the way we get on street sides back in india..:D

    @ Srivalli: these were my fav to Sri, but once I had a seer food poisoning due to these, I have been careful since then, but my mam didnt change a bit!.She still craves for this junky!

  8. @ Cham: hey Cham, well said, kabhi kabaar oil ko maare goli..;) glad u liked the post and samosas too!

    @ Shriya: Thanks Shriya. I am happy that these samosas made u nostalgic, they did to me too!

    @ notyet100: anybody who enjoied the teen life on streets (like I did, I never ever used to be at home..hehheh always with friends!) wud feel nostalgic and crave for these dear. like we both did.. hain na?

    @ Kalai: Thanks Kalai.

  9. samosa's are really tempting...nice pic

  10. Very evocative, I'm sure your mum is loving this post! And hankering for street samosas just like I am right now :)

  11. Looks crisp and delicious.....I loved reading your tribute to your mother....the poem is very well written too...

  12. Ur samosas are inviting siri.Nice post.

  13. Wah Wah, Kya baat hai! Lovely samosas and a great write about your mama Siri ;o) I Samosa's are one of my fav all time snack foods.

  14. For a long, long time, I only knew the tiny, transparent cinema-hall samosas, finding a real fat samosa occurred only in my teens!

  15. Yummy! Samosas have to be oily , otherwise its no fun :) Your samosas remind me of all the movies i watched munching on tiny, yummy samosas in the theatre.

  16. The picture of samosas is great! when I like it most. This is a nice post.

  17. Nice post Siri..love those samosas

  18. Such a lovely tribute to your mom. I miss my mom every single day. These samosas sound wonderful. I'd love to see your mom's recipe for pakoras!

  19. Great tribute to your mom on Mother's day week too, Siri! Hope one day, my girl says the same thing about me!!:)

    Samosa looks yum, will try.

  20. These samosas are tempting me...can i have that plate pls

  21. siri
    the poem was touchy to read so as the tribute to your mom ..
    I wish my little one also feels the same way when she grows up just like Asha wishes ...

    and the samosas are real tempting
    hugs and smiles


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