October 28, 2007

Spicy Eggplant Discs - MEC: Snack

These are some yummy "Spicy Brinjal Discs" which I made for Srivalli's MEC:Snack Event. and I absolutely loved them.. simple, quick and yet tasty. I made few changes to the original recipe to suit my taste buds..

Adaptation: Viewer's Recipe at Tarladalal.com
Prep Time: 10mins
Cook Time: 10 mins
Serves: 2


1 medium Eggplant (Long/Chinese type)
Oil - 1 tbsp
Tomato Puree/ Spaghetti Sauce - 2 tbsp

For marinating:

Turmeric - 1/2 tbsp
Salt - to taste
Chilli powder - 1/2 tbsp
Garam Masala - 1/2 tbsp
Amchur Powder - 1 tbsp

How to make:
1. Cut the eggplant into round discs. Sprinkle some salt over them and let it stand for 10 - 15 mins till the bitter juices are extracted.

2. Rinse the brinjal discs under running water and pat them dry.
3. Mix the ingredients listed under "For Marinating" in a bowl and evenly coat it on the brinjal discs. Keep Aside for 5-6 mins.
4. In a MW bowl, heat oil for 1min, then add the marinated brinjal discs - MW for another 6-7 mins.
5. Finally, sprinkle evenly the sphagetti sauce/tomato puree over the discs and MW for another 1 min.
6. Serve hot as a snack or a side dish.

These spicy discs were so yummy, that I ate off all of them from the MW bowl itself.. couldn't wait to be served..hehe..:)

... another look..


  1. wow...that looks wonderful Siri...thanks for the entry!

  2. Oh Siri Dear, Fried Brinjal discs are my fav ! Havent had them from a long time though, But will take time out and have to my hearts content today itself :-)

  3. Absolutely delicious...can't wait to try them.

  4. oh how yummy, I am going to try them too.

  5. Yummmmmmm Siri....I am up for anything with Brinjal....Thanks for the recipe..will try them soon :-)

  6. What a beautiful recipe that is! The brinjals look so crispy and good. A definite must-try.

  7. @ Srivalli: glad u liked my entry Srivalli.. will be waiting for the roundup..:D

    @ Nags: thanks dear..

    @ Mona: Its now my fav too mona.. do try it.. u will crave for more.. I am sure..:)

    @ Sunita: Thanks dearie..:)

  8. @ Saju: Do try them saju.. u are gonna love these..:)

    @ Sirisha: me too sirisha.. I love brinjal and I can eat in any form.. except raw ofcourse hehehe.. do try them.. :)

    @ Laavanya: Thanks dear..:) glad u liked it..

  9. Hi Siri, I used to tavafry the rings after marinating but never added sauce and tasted it. Will give a try this time when I buy big brinjals. Loved it.

  10. Hi Siri, I used to tavafry the rings after marinating but never added sauce and tasted it. Will give a try this time when I buy big brinjals. Loved it.

  11. Hi Siri, brinjal is my absolute FAV in any way shape or form. This snack is so tempting, I would love a plateful now :) Also your smokies photos are lovely!

  12. Wow looks delicious...!!I love brinjal and looks like I will love this one too...Actually I was looking for recipies like this to make in microwave ...so easy to make ...Thanx for sharing this one and great entry siri...!!

  13. Delicious!Thanks to you I am reminded that I too should send an entry to Srivalli!:))
    I just love brinjal, And your snack is great!:))

  14. I make these too, but in a different way, your's are soo easy and look delicious!

  15. Yummy Brinjal frys.. Cannot stop at one for sure!! Great recipe....

  16. love love brinjal discs - i pat them with semolina to give them a mild crunch

  17. Siri,
    I love all brinjal dishes..me too have one roasted version..watched your photoes , very nice, where are you dear?

  18. Hey, where is my comment go? I hate blogger these days!! Argh!!
    Brinjal fry looks yum. It's the simplest recipes which tastes the most!:))
    You are tagged, check Aroma!

  19. @ Lakshmi: Thanks dear, even I do the usual tava fry. This is much simple and easy.

    @ Linda: Even my family just love Eggplant Linda, so I am always in search of new new recipes of Eggplant.. heheh..:)

    @ Rajeshwari: Thanks dear. Glad u liked this recipe. do give it a try. I am sure even u will like it.

    @ Lathamma: Thanks amma, and nice to know that u liked these brinjal discs..:)

  20. @ Bindiya: Ya dear, the addition of spaghetti sauce give nice texture and a different taste. do try it sometime..:)

    @ Seema: I couldn't stop myself from making one more bowl of discs dear.. they were such lovely beauties..:)

    @ Lakshmi: Nice idea to use Semolina .. it gives a nice crunchy taste as u said lakshmi..:D

    @ Rina: Thanks for dropping by Rina.

  21. @ Seena: Thanks dear.. I am in US currently.. done with my Masters and on jobhunt spree right now..:)

    @ HC, Remya: Thanks gurls for ur sweet comments.

    @ Asha: Thats what I wondering ashaji, that y didn't u comment. Usually u wud be the first one to drop ur sweet comments..now that I saw urs, I happy.. :DDD and thanks for tagging me .. will post my "experience to remember" soon...:D

  22. Looks very unusual Siri. I will give this a try sometime.

  23. @ Shilpa: Unusual, yet very tasty n cripsy dear.. do give it a try.. I am sure u wud like it..:D

  24. hi siri, i tried this and it came out good..do contribute more microwave recipes..thanks in advance

  25. I tried it and it was yummy. My hubby hates brinjal , i am sure he will change his mind after tasting this :)


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