October 8, 2007

Its Dessert Time folks!!! - Mango Jello and Shrikhand..

Do you like desserts?.. I can hear most of you saying 'Yes Yes !!', so thought why not make some lovely, simple recipes for you all. and I am not a kind of a person
" who will hang curd in a thin cloth, wait till all the water gets drained of....... then make Shrikhand"...
I like things to be easy and fast.. and these are two such recipes.. Hope you all will like them..:D

Mango Jello


Mango pulp 1 can
Sour cream 8 oz or 200 gms approx
Sugar (optional)
Unflavored Gelatin 1 packet

How to make:

1. In a pie pan, Pour 3/4th can of mango pulp, add sour cream and heat in MW for about 3 minutes. Add sugar if desired.
2. Take the remaining 1/4th of mango pulp in a bowl and add a packet of unflavored gelatin. Beat the contents well and make sure there are so lumps formed.
3. Mix both the contents well in the pie pan and refrigerate for about 45 mins.
This time may vary, so check it from time to time till it get a jelly type texture.
4. I drizzled some choclate syrup over it and garnished with some sour cream and choclate chips.


Traditional way: The yogurt is tied in a thin cloth and hung until all the water has drained off to get a thick and creamy yogurt. Add sugar, cardamom powder and saffron. If you mix 'mango' to Shrikhand, its called - "Amrakhand".


Sourcream 16 oz
1 canned fruit/ fresh fruits
Confectionary Sugar - 1 cup ( adjust depending on our taste)
Elaichi powder
Saffron Strands - few

To make Shrikhand: Drain the canned fruits. Mix all the ingredients and garnish with nuts and saffron strands. Serve chilled..:D

Another view....


  1. @ Asha: Thanks ashaji..:D.. glad u liked it..

  2. The mango jello looks yumm Shriya.....:-)

  3. I can't have mango, but this sounds like a versatile technique for all kinds of fruits.

  4. I always make srikhand with sour cream, and a bit of yoghurt! I am all for the lovely red roses though!!

    btw, pls participate in my AFAM-Peach event that i'm hosting this time Siri:)

  5. @ Sirisha: Thanks dear.. :)

    @ Kelly: U can replace mango with all kinds of other pulps or even juices such as apple, cranberry etc.. It tastes equally good..:D

    @ mansi: glad u liked the roses dear and sure, I will definitely send something for AFAM-Peach event..:D

  6. hey lovely picture and recipe..

  7. So yummy Siri. Looks great. Viji

  8. @ Seena: Thanks dear.

    @ Viji: glad u liked it..:)

  9. Siri dear someone asked me for shrikand recipe! I will give your link!:))
    Siri I live in bangalore and lakshmi met the bloggers!:))

  10. @ Latha: Thanks for ur comments latha amma....and glad u liked the shrikhand recipe and forwarding mine..:)..

    oh I always get confused b/w u and lakshmi..:D

  11. Siri dear, Some bloggers suggested we need to have an attactive look! I am thinking of solving the author confusion from the next post. everyone around associate my name with the blog as I post maximum!:)) Dont worry dear this is only temporary!:))

  12. Interesting recipe...Colour of mango jello is very much tempting to eat...Thanx for sharing the recipe..:))
    And thanx for dropping in my blog and leaving your suggestions..!!

  13. Mango jello!! Lovely idea, but what can be replacement for gelatin. Any suggestions?


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