October 18, 2007

Shrikhand for Think Spice

I know that I already posted 'Shrikhand' before, but when dear Sunita announced 'Saffron' as her monthly Think:Spice theme, I couldn't resist myself to post again for the event. Here is the recipe...

We need:

Sourcream 16 oz
1 canned fruit/ fresh fruits
Confectionary Sugar - 1 cup ( adjust depending on our taste)
Elaichi powder
Saffron Strands - few

To make Shrikhand: Drain the canned fruits. Mix all the ingredients and garnish with nuts and saffron strands. Serve chilled..:D

Want to know some interesting facts about South-Asian Spices? Then, this is an interesting read.

Enjoii folks and Happy Vijayadashami to all of u... will be back soon with my "Dussehra Sambaralu" post.. until then Chao..:D

Last, but not the least, "A Big Thank You to all you wonderful people out there who made FAHC a huge success".


  1. Great entry for Saffron Siri. Enjoy your trip and come back refreshed!:))
    Happy Navratri.

  2. Lovely Siri... Such a Simple, and delicious dessert!!!

  3. Happy Navarathri Siri....
    Saw this dish on one of ur earlier posts...Nice entry for the event dear :-)

  4. For the past three days i was planning to go and get myself a box of shrikhand, but somehow was lazy to move out....how i wish i stayed somewhere close to ur place...atleast i would have got ur delicious shrikand to eat.....

  5. This looks very good and so easy too! :)

  6. This is so easy it almost seems like cheating :-) Wonderfully inventive recipe Siri.

  7. Hi Siri, that's a very different Shrikhand, never had it like this, will try it out !

  8. Siri dear, when my daughter deleted the logo , I knew that site is corrupted.Don't really worry!:))
    Your Shrikand is looking so yummy with lot of fruits!:)) lovely entry for the event! Even I am planning to post my friends version of shrikand.:))

  9. i love shrikandh!! but have never made it... will try this for sure.. looks very delicious..

  10. Your Shrikhand gives me idea of making something with mango pure for this event, thanks for popping this in my head ;) the photos looks awesome Siri!

  11. I love Shrikhand...your's looks delicious...thanks for sending it over.

  12. @ Asha: Thanks ashaji..:) will be back from trip on Monday with loads of pics ..:D I will share with u all in my posts..:)

    @ Cinnamon: Inclusion of Sour cream makes it simple, with the same flavor of original shrikhand..:) do try it sometime gurl.

  13. @ Sirisha: Thankandi. Ya, just for the event, I reposted again..:)

    @ EC: Sure dear.. U are always welcome to drop by my place..:)

    @ Lavanya: Thanks dear.

    @ Sivani: Everything is fair in love and war n now food dear.. ultimately it must taste good with less effort.. hehehe.. wat say?..

  14. @ Bindiya: This version of Shrikhand is not made by pure yogurt dear.. so its a little different, but tastes yumm.. do try it sometime..

    @ Lathaamma: Thanks amma. I like fruits with yogurt.. so made this Shrikhand which both..::))

    @ Superchef: Thanks for ur sweet comments dear. Believe me, its worth a try and I am sure u will love it.

    @ Padma: Glad that becoz my Shrikhand, some nice n yummy idea popped up Padma. Now, we are waiting for ur Mango Puree version...:)

    @ Sunita: Its my pleasure to participate in the event dear.. Nice and colorful theme I must say..:D Thanks dear.

  15. hey, ur fruity shrikhand sounds yum :)
    Happy Dushahrah to you as well!

  16. Great entry, Siri! You know, we had fruit srikhand as the main sweet for our wedding...so it is very close to my heart :)

  17. Happy Vijayadashami to you,
    Nice entry Sri..

  18. My kind of food. Really easy to make but taste great.

  19. Siri, never knew you could put fruit (pieces) in shrikhand. It looks nice!

  20. Never knew making shrikand is so easy. Very nice entry.

  21. hey..this is an easy recipe...will try it..thnks :)

  22. hey Siri,

    the shrikhand looks lovely!! and with all that fruits, I bet it was healthy too:)I make shrikhand with sour cream instead of yoghurt...

    now cook something with peaches girl and send it over for AFAM-Peach:)

  23. shrikhand is looking delicious.i want to grab some.

  24. @ Richa: Thanks dear and Happy Dussehra to you and your family..:)

    @ Tee: Wow dear.. glad to know that such lovely memories are associated with this dish..:)

    @ Seena: Thanks gurl...

    @ HappyCook: Its my kind of food too dear.. simple yet tasty.

  25. @ Sra: The fruits add great flavor to Shrikhand da.. do add next time u make it..:)

    @ Madhu, Rajitha,Pushpa: Thanks dearies for ur sweet comments. do try this simple way of making Shrikhand sometime.. U r gonna definitely love it..

    @ Mansi: The Shrikhand is healthy and very tasty too dear. Even, I used sour cream instead of Yogurt. My next recipe is coming over to you babe.

    @ Ramya: Thanks dear.. :D

  26. Hi ther siri...great post and simple too. Love shrikhand...LOL

  27. Looks yummy...Great entry....:))

  28. @ Passionate Baker: Thanks dear for ur appreciation. Do visit again.

    @ Rajeshwari: Glad u liked it dear..:)


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