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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Lofty Smokies and Me...:)

You all know that I went for Lofty Smokies last weekend and now here I am with some beautiful pics capturing the true fall colors of this season .
"Incredible" and "Out of the World" would be appropriate words to sum up my trip to the lofty smokies - truly nature's abode for scenic splendor and serenity.
The night stay was at Fontana Cottage at Bryson city - a remote cabin surrounded by beautiful trees with leaves turned red. But,the amazing part of the trip was the 8 mile trekking and 2 hour white-water rafting on the river Nantahala.

We also trekked up the Clingmans Dome - the highest point of Smokies and truly, the breeze, the view of lofty mountains spread over all around.. wow.. the experience is just awesome... a lifetime experience , I would say...:D

Smoky Mountains are definitely a place one must visit gurls...:) and Hope u liked the photos I shared with you all. Take care and have a lovely weekend..:D


  1. 15, 29 & 30 are wonderful...where is your picture..:)??

  2. Siri,

    beautiful pic,hey but where is Siri in the pics :)

  3. Lovely place and awesome pics. I liked 2, 19, 22, 23, 29, 30.

  4. looks like u had an amazing time!!!

  5. Never been there but after seeing the pics i would love to see them. But hey one can have dreams can't we :-)))

  6. ok ok..u have tempted me enough to bookmark this and go spring next yr..i may bug with some silly Q before i leave :)

  7. hey looks like u hade a fantastic time there. amazing pictures

  8. @ Srivalli,Sreelu, tasteof mysore: Thanks dear.. glad u liked the pics..:)

    @ SuperChef: I had a blast SC. the fall colors were amazing...:)

    @ HC: I am sure you would love the place dear. Even, I dream of goin places.. hoping that they will come true some day..hehe..:D

  9. @ Rajitha: I will more than happy to answer ur questions dearie....:D .. do let me know if any.. cya..

    @ Padmaja: I had an awesome trip dear.. and thanks for dropping by..:D

  10. Gorgeous!! I love Smoky mountains. Last time we were there, we didn't have the time to go river rafting, got to do once!:))

  11. Siri....Just saw ur pics.....Loved all ur snaps dear :-) I have to go there .......Its a long overdue trip :-)

  12. @ Ashaji: Glad you liked the pics ashaji.. hoping that u wud do water rafting soon.. its real fun..:D

    @ Sirisha: Thanks dear and do visit some time Fall.. its beautiful..:D

  13. Great pics! Nice that you had a good holiday after completing your studies!:)) Holiday must have rejunivated your body and mind!:))


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