November 30, 2007

'Powerless Egg Biryani' and I DID IT !!!

Scene: 'S' comes home from work and smells the aroma of some yummy peas pulao right from the door.

S: Whats cooking dear? I can smell something awesome.
Me: Nothing special da! Just some peas pulao and raita.
S: Wow, sounds interesting.
Me: (frowning..) Ya, it OK!
S: Why, what happened ?
Me: I am so bored of my cooking that I am craving for something.... hmmm.. something spicy like a vegetable or egg biryani and some awesome creamy palak paneer! Chalo lets get it from Biryani House. Please Please...:)
S: Oh dear, I am so tired today, can't move my leg. I was so busy at work, U can't even imagine.
Me: Sad face :((((
S: (in a consoling and patafying tone..) U are such an awesome cook, u even maintain a food blog, why don't you blog-hop for a while dear. I am sure you would get something yummy and we can prepare here at home.
Me: (even more sadder face...) .. Hmmmm...I am craving for that egg biryani where they just mix such spicy boiled egg masala with white rice. I want that ! I want that! ..:(
S: Oh, thats so simple to make, just make some masala , put some boiled eggs and then mix left over rice... What say! I think that would be delicious...:))
Me: ( Tadah! idea... ) I know how to make a simple egg biryani for myself.. and I am sure it would be yummy.. ( runs towards kitchen!)
S: A Happy soul becoz he is not dragged out to drive to a restaurant in this cold chilly weather...!

This is what happened two days, when I made to super simple Egg biryani, which I always crave for. I had this for the first time in Palace Heights, a five star hotel back in Hyderabad. and it was so yummy that I still remember the taste, the table I sat and even the color of the plate in which it was served. Phew! I guess, its becoz I enjoied it sooo much...:) hehehe..
and the best part is - my version of Egg biryani needs no grinding and can be made with just 5 to 6 everyday used ingredients.

So, sending this off to EasyCrafts's 'Powerless Event'...:))


2 cups Cooked rice
3 boiled Eggs
1 medium Onion ( chopped into fine strips)
2 bay leaves
3 tbsp grated Coconut
1/4 tbsp Turmeric
1/2 tbsp Cumin seeds
1/2 Ginger Garlic paste
Salt - to taste
1 tbsp Biryani Pulao Masala
1/2 tbsp Red Chilli powder
1 tbsp Butter or Oil

How to make:

1. Heat the butter or oil with bay leaves in a flat skillet and add cumin seeds till they splutter.
2. Then add chopped onions and ginger garlic paste. Cook for few minutes.
3. Season with salt, turmeric, red chilli powder and biryani pulao masala. Cook for about 5 to 6 minutes on Med-Low heat.
4. Then finally add grated coconut, don't cook for more than 3 minutes.
5. Turn off the heat and add cut boiled egg pieces. Mix gently.
6. Add hot rice to this spicy egg mixture. Don't mix completely to give that restaurant style look and taste to the biryani!!

I enjoied this simple biryani so much that I made it again today and ate with yesterday's leftover Baingan-Ka-Bhartha!

Also, sending this yummy Egg Biryani to Cate's ARF Tuesday event.


This post marks the end of my 15 day NaBloPoMo challenge. Yuppeee. I did it, I did it.!!! ( drum roll please...........)
It was so much fun thinking what to post every single day which actually made me search for interesting articles on leading newspapers suitable to my blog. Last but not the least, thanks to all my dear blogger friends who appreciated every post and expressed their opinions on each and every single post!!

Thank You Dearies!!

~ Siri


  1. You wont believe it Siri..I wanted to eat this for so long. I didn't know how to make it. I am going to try this soon...thanks a lot...

  2. Looks yum Siri, I have made egg fried rice, but Biryani.. your looks simple & delicious!

  3. good job are u planning to do it for a month next time :)

  4. (drumroll)(audience clapping) Cool siri - was a marathon run! and u aced it..and more than u , we were glad to keep reading ur posts :)

    I loved the Conv between u and S! I found that more interesting then egg biriyani! ( heh heh No offence to the dish! I dont eat eggs - no wonder!cooked this way -only baking ) but am sure it wud have come out well - knowing you ! :)

  5. Thanks for the entry dear out for the round up today

  6. Siri..thats a cool and quick egg briyani...and congrats on complete the was fun reading every day what you posted...keep going..

  7. Oh darling siri..I was abt to comment on your egg biryani, that time your comment popped up here!
    I love all egg recipes in the world, and def. yours too have one egg biryani..that our Kerala recipe.
    seeing this am craving for it..:)

    hey, am getting well, but can't continue rest some times, that is the only remedy prescribed for me :( thanks dear for asking..

  8. Congrats Siri! And the biryani sounds very tempting.

  9. Congragulations.
    Well Done.
    Egg biriyani looks great

  10. Hi Siri, thanks for your registration with and for putting up the badge. We've got an IndiChef badge for Indibloggers, and we'd love it if you put it up on your blog. Thanks, and congratulations on the biriyani!

  11. Siri.. I have a no-grind recipe of Egg Biryani too. We love it at home too... similar to yours. Make masala mix with rice. I then keep it in the oven for Dum.
    Yours is tempting me... :)

  12. Siri! Egg Biryani is one of the best. Looks delicious and any time it is made smiles all around Congratulations! on the Nablopomo challenge.

  13. @ Shilpa: Even I didn't know Shilpa, I just had a vague picture of how was it.. Tweaked a little with ingredients in the pantry and Wolla! this biryani was born.. hehehe.. glad u liked it!

    @ Seema: Thanks dear for ur sweet comments.

  14. @ Rajitha: Oh no no! I am done with NaBloPoMo by november dear! No more 30 posts for 30 days! But, it was fun though..:D

    @ Dhivi: Thank You Thank You! ( audience still clapping! hehehe). My NaBloPoMo was such a tweeny weeny thing infront of ppl like Manisha's dear.. they did like what 30 posts in 30 days.. Awesome right!
    Anyways, glad that u liked the conv between me and 'S'...:D

  15. @ EC: Glad u liked my entry EC. and thanks for coming for such innovative events...:)

    @ Sagari: Thanks dearie..:)

  16. @ Srivalli: Indeed its very quick Sri, just a little time to boil eggs! a yummy way to get rid of leftover rice..:) wat say..:D and Glad u were not bored by my variety of blogs all this month hehehe..:)

    @ Seena: I am so happy to see ur comment seena, even Icrave for egg like crazy dear. I can eat these 24 X 7 hehehe.. take a good care of ur health!

  17. @ Sunita: Thanks sunita. Phew, I am done with the marathon of NaBloPoMo. Now, I can post the 'posts' at my leisure!

    @ HC: Thanks dearie..for ur sweet comments on all of my posts. feels so good..:D

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. @ Renie: Thanks, they are indeed very cute badges..:)

    @ Laavanya: I would be glad to know ur no-grind egg biryani laavanya. Hmm, next time, I will do some 'Dum' Sounds like a cool idea..:)

  20. Siri, posting everyday, that is a daunting feat. Congrats on successfully doing it.

  21. @ ISG: Thanks dear for dropping by! Indeed Egg Biryani is the best...:)

    @ Suganya: Oh ya, ask me Suganya, posting everyday is indeed a very daunting task. I am glad its over! and Thanks for dropping by..:D

  22. Powerless recipe is so powerful Siri. Nice idea and the Bengali tomato chutney is super. Viji

  23. Congrats !!!! Yeah it really takes effort to post every day, great job
    And who is that hot girl :)

    Egg Biryani looks grand, which masala do you use ?

  24. Congrats!!!..So you made it al last huh?..enjoyed doing it na?..:)

    Loved the conversations too :)

    Egg biriyani meal is always a great one!..

  25. @ Viji: Thanks Viji!

    @ Sandeepa: Thanks dear! I used 'MDH Biryani Pulao Masala' and spicy!..:D

    @ Bharathy: Phew, I am done with this year's NaBloPoMo challenge Bharathy..Thanks for dropping by!

  26. Loved reading the conversation...ha ha!!
    Nice biryani!!

  27. Siri Dear, Congrats on acheiving NaBloPoMo! My father has come overhere and I am very busy! He will be here for 2 months. I have posted the award you gave me so lovingly! :)

  28. you sure did it. The egg biriyani looks gorgeous. Makes me drool at 12 in the night!!!

  29. you sure did it. The egg biriyani looks gorgeous. Makes me drool at 12 in the night!!!

  30. @ Sugarcraft: Thanks dear!

    @ Lathamma: Thanks u so much lathamma. Glad u liked the little gesture of mine..:) Offer my namaskarams to taathagaru..:)

    @ Shella: Hahahha, even I feel the same dear, when I visit my blog at midnites!..:) thanks for ur sweet comments..:D


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