December 3, 2007

Andhra Style Tamarind Rice

Tamarind is one such spice which almost everybody loves. and its an integral part of Indian cuisine. Ask any andhraite, about whats your favorite dish with Tamrind in it - I am sure the answer would be 'Tamarind Rice'. Man, I love the tangy taste of it and used to just drool over whenever my mom makes it...:D

Before I share my mom's classic recipe with you, here is a story from Ramayana, about why the Tamarind leaves are of saw-tooth shape...:)

"...During Rama’s exile, Laxmana built the hut they were to live in. He made the roof and the walls with Tamarind leaves that were large and thick. In fact, they were so big and tough that not even a drop of rain or a streak of sunlight could come in.
Sita was delighted with the hut but Rama looked unhappy. Finally he asked Laxmana to remove the tamarind leaves.

"But why?" asked Laxman in surprise, "They are perfect for protecting the hut".

"That is precisely why,” answered Rama. “Living in the forest means facing the elements and not sheltering from them. That is what Vanavaas (exile in forests) really means. We are too secure, too comfortably protected."

Laxmana smiled and said - "There is no need to remove the leaves." He shot at the leaves with his arrows until all of them were shredded and the sunlight streaked in....

Since then the tamarind leaves have remained feathery and serrated, so goes the legend.

and remember where does own 'Bethal' of famous Vikram and Bethal stories live.. Yes, U are right, on a Tamarind Tree!

Now, enough of Tamarind talk, lets get to business a.k.a Tamarind Rice recipe!


2 cups Cooked White Rice
3 tbsp of Tamarind pulp extract
few Curry leaves
Salt - to taste
few Green Chillies
2 tbsp of Oil
1/4 tbsp Turmeric

For Seasoning:

1 tbsp Urad Dal
1 tbsp Cumin Seeds
1 tbsp Chana dal
1 tbsp Mustard seeds
a pinch of Asafoetida

How to make:

1. Heat oil in a skillet, add all the ingredients listed under Seasoning. Let them splutter for a minute or so.
2. Then add chopped green chillies, curry leaves. Mix well.
3. Now add the Tamarind pulp with 3-4 tbsp of water. Cook it on medium heat for couple of minutes. Add salt and turmeric.
4. Finally add cooked rice to the tamarind mixture. Mix well and cook for 2 to 3 minutes.

Note: The Rice tastes even more yummier when served the next day.

That's the magic of TAMARIND!


Poll: I am a big fan of famous 'Akbar and Birbal' stories and am sure even you like them.
How about sharing some of their stories here at Siri's Corner. Will U be interested? Do let me know!..:D


Take care folks and Have a great week ahead!


  1. Mmm ... andhra pulihara ... yum! That's the pinnacle of using tamarind in cooking :)

    *so* simple, *so* good!

  2. Looks so golden-rich and delicious Siri... I love the bits of toasted dal here and there. This is a dish I've not yet made-- but you make it sound so easy! I'll have to give it a try :)

  3. I love Pulihora! Its real yummy. Remember mom packing this & curd rice & pickles on our picnics & tirupathi trip.. as u said it tastes better the next day & even better on trips...With a little bit of chips on the side.. its awesome!

  4. the lazy person's alternative - MTR puliyogare masala :D

  5. Siri..thats a nice one..i too love pulihora...

    next time you get time try mine...

  6. Hi siri,
    Lot of narration about tamarind.
    pulihora is one of my favourite food.

  7. Siri!! Who can resist an authentic pulihora? you know what siri I love the one they serve at temples, whenever i try, its no where near that..
    Yours look yummy!!

  8. Puliyogare..i just made them last week and ur picture is making me feel hungry and am tempted to eat it again

  9. siri..i loove andhra style pulihora..thnks for sharing the recipe..yumm

  10. I love puliyodharai... yours looks great and that combination with curd and tomato pickle!! No wonder you licked your plate clean. :)

  11. Oh I would love to read Akbar Birbal stories dear! :) Now your NaBloPoMo for dryfruits starts! :D Post as many recipes as you can using dryfruits as MAIN ingredient! Not for garnishing! :D I may not be so active as thatha is here with me for 2 months! I will visit all your posts when time permits! :)

  12. my hubby all time fav...i ask me to make the style of temple puliyogare..i have many variations in time i'll try urs...looks soo rich n colorful...

  13. Can I use the tamarind concentrate ?

  14. Love pulihara, anytime. Goes well with sweet boorelu or bobattu(Poli)

  15. @ Kaykat: Thanks dear. Indeed its the pinnacle.. :))

    @ Linda: Oh ya, even I love the crunchy taste of dal in every spoonful.. Do try it sometime Linda.. its super easy!

  16. @ Seema: Even my mom used make this almost thrice a week seema ( Whenever there is left over rice --> Pulihora.. hehe) and the best part is it stays fresh for days!

    @ Bee: Hahaha, bee == quick fix meals!

  17. @ Srivalli: Glad u liked my pulihora Sri! Urs is yummy too, will try out next time..:)

    @ Vineela: Thanks for dopping by vineela..:)

  18. @ Padmaja: Seriously, Pulihora is one of the favorite foods of South Indians.. the very mention of the name reminds of the temple pulihora prasadam. I still remember, it used to be Rs 3 in nearby Anjaneya Swamy temple..:))

  19. @ EC: Thanks dear!

    @ Rajitha: Glad u liked the simple Tamarind Rice Raji.. Do try it sometime!

  20. @ Laavanya: The combo of pulihora and pickled yogurt was my mom's idea Laavanya.. its tastes just yumm.. u can add any kind of tangy pickle to the yogurt!

    @ Remya: Thanks dear. my version is very basic and simple. Try Srivalli which need a ground masala paste or u can even add mustard paste for a very different taste!

  21. @ Sandeepa: U can even use the tamarind concentrate sandeepa. The very first time I made with the extract, it tastes equally good..:)

    @ Rina: Hmmm pulihora and bobbarlu, tangy and sweet.. Yumm-O.. awesome conbo Rina..:)

  22. @ Lathamma: U were the only one who voted for the stories amma. I am planning to post a few of them in upcoming posts..:) I already googles about various kinds of recipes that I can make from dry fruits.. will send some soon..

    Do offer my 'Namaskarams' to Taatha garu.

    ~ Siri

  23. Look at this Siri..I thought I voted for the Akbar Birbal stories..they have always been my fav...only after reading your comments in lathamma's post I realized I hadn't said a word on that...I guess I was so distracted by your lovely tamarind rice..I make it every sat, still its always so tempting...those stories will be so mucn post them..

  24. yummy tamrind rice looks soo good

  25. yeah, Sri, I like Akbar and ....stories, my daughter is a great fan of post them, will tell her to visit here, she too owns a blog..:)

    I haven't tasted this rice yet, second picture looks good, thought some other dish, seeing it..:)

  26. I love rice & more so I love tamarind. The rice looks simply superb. Yummmmm

  27. @ Srivalli: Hehehe.. Ok done dear.. will post some of them soon..:))

    @ Sagari: Thanks dear..:D

    @ Seena: Wow, ur daughter has a blog of her own.. how sweet? Can I know the URL.. I wud love to visit and check out her stuff. I will post some stories soon Seena. Take a good care of ur health and thanks for dropping by!

    @ Shella: Thanks shella. Do try it sometime.. I am sure u wud just love it.:D

  28. hey this seems to be a good idea..I meant for the stories..I luv listening / reading stories...Bring it on...:) :)

  29. My mouth is watering.
    Awesome recipe.

  30. It is spicy Siri from the photo itself. Nice. Viji


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