November 19, 2007

Dal Dhokadi : JFI - Toordal

When Linda of Out of the Garden announced her JFI: Toor Dal event, I thought of making something which I never made before.
Toor Dal, being a staple food in our household is used mainly in various dals, sambhar or rasam. But, I never made a gravy-type-curry out of Toor dal. 

'Dal Dhokadi' is basically a vegetarian Gujarati dish made out of toor dal and rotis. Yes, Rotis cut into small pieces and dipped into the gravy of toor dal. Interesting huh!. Here is my version of a tried, tested and tasted Dal Dhokadi.


150 grams Toor Dal,
100 grams wheat flour,
3 green chilies
1 medium chopped Onion
50 grams Groundnuts
25 grams Cashewnuts
1 tbsp. Turmeric powder
1 tbsp. Mustard seeds
2 chopped Tomatoes
1 tbsp. Tamarind
Salt - to taste
1 tbsp Garam masala,
1/2 tbsp Cumin seeds
2 tbsp Butter/Ghee
2 tbsp Red chili powder
a pinch of Asafetida


1. Knead wheat flour, salt, turmeric , red chilli powder and oil into roti like consistency with little water. Make rotis and cut into small pieces.
2. Wash toor dal and pressure cook for 2 whistles with two drops of oil.
3. Heat butter in a skillet and add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, chopped onion, curry leaves, green chillies and Asafetida. Cook until onion turn golden brown.
4. Now, add tomatoes, toor dal, tamarind pulp, turmeric, salt, groundnuts, cashewnuts , garam masala with 2 cups of water. Mix the contents well and Cook for few minutes.
5. Finally, add roti pieces and cook for 5 to 6 minutes.
6. Serve with hot rice.

This simple curry tasted divine and surprised me with its exceptional flavor.

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  1. I first thought Dhokli and now see "DHOkadi" How interesting

  2. looks good siri..but how does roti +rice + dal taste in one bite ?? ;)

  3. @ Sandeepa: Hahaha, even I took time to actually know the spelling properly. Thanks from dropping by dear!

    @ Rajitha: Even I wondered the same before I planned to prepare this dear, but seriously, it tasted yum and had a very different taste. The roti pieces nicely blend with toor dal gravy and u will not feel the roti taste any more. Do give it a try sometime..:)

  4. This is a very unusual recipe ,have never tried it!

  5. Hi Siri... I've made dhal dhokli but there the rotis are not cooked beforehand and cook in the dhal. I loved the flavor of the dhal but couldn't eat too much of the rotis. Cooking the rotis must give it a diff. taste.

  6. I love dal dhokli! we call this 'varanphala' and add goda masala to this. Will try your version some time...looks yummy!

  7. very interesting recipe siri...

  8. I have seen this in many Gujarati blogs, like Indian Pasta with sauce. Looks great Siri!:))

  9. Never had them. But it looks so good and so creamy yummy

  10. Oh! You stole my idea Siri:) I was gonna make the same thing...hehehe...its a fav in any gujju household! yours looks nice..hope everyone enjoyed it at your place!

  11. very interesting recipe .....something new for me ..i have never made this before

  12. Hey cool..Never heard of these before..sounds like a complete entry!

    Hey btw Nags said ok to that entry - u know the cornflakes one - am waiting eagerly for ur entry!

  13. Hi Siri, thank you for this great contribution for JFI Toor Dal! It looks really tempting and must be so rich with all the peanuts and cashews, yummy! :)

    PS Mansi, make your version too! :)

  14. @ Bindiya: Me too never made this before bindiya. Do try it sometime. I am sure u wud love it..:)

  15. @ Laavanya: Adding cooked rotis rather than uncooked ones makes a lot of difference laavanya as u said. The prefer the former method rather than the latter. Do try it this way. I am positive u wud like this version of Dal Dhokadi!

  16. @ Tee: Thanks for letting us know dearie. next time will add 'Goda Masala' as u suggested. I am sure it wud give a diff taste to the dish.

    @ Sia: Thanks dearie..:)

  17. @ Ashaji: Nice name ashaji - 'Indian Pasta with sauce'..:) thanks for ur sweet always..:D

    @ HC: Me too first time HC, and we just loved it..:)

  18. @ Rina: 'Toor Dal' is my all time fav dal rina.. I guess thats the case with any Indian household..:))

    @ Mansi: Oh dear, see we both have a telepathy. As Linda said, I am curious to know ur version of Dal Dhokadi too..:).. ya, I read in an article that its a fav gujju recipe..:)

  19. @ Deepa: This recipe was new to me till yesterday dear.. We loved it so much that I am planing to prepare it again sometime this week..:))

  20. @ Dhivi: Indeed, its a complete meal Dhivi. Do try it sometime.
    Thanks for letting me know. I was sure that Nags wud accept ur entry. Now, I will prepare mine and post it soon..:))

  21. @ Linda: First of all, 'Toor Dal' is a great choice Linda, and ur event made me explore different cuisines, Thanks to that and glad u liked my entry..:)... the gravy is indeed rich with Cashews and groundnuts.. which is the best part!!

  22. I too thought it is Dhokli...Very new dish for me...never heard of it. Very nice entry dear

  23. Lovely entry siri! I just love all gurathi dishes! They are so healthy and sumptuous! :)
    BTW , About the meme I have a difficulty! I am sooo humble !Mai apna thareef quad nahin kartee! Hehe... Lol !

  24. @ Shilpa: Glad u liked the dish dear. Do try it sometime..:)

    @ Lathamma: Even I love Gujju dishes.. They have such wide variety. Aap Meme me apni taareef math keejiye.. U are supposed to tell 7 weird things about u amma!..:DD

  25. @ Srivalli: Thanks for dropping by dear and glad u liked it..:)

  26. Siri, this was one of my kitchen disasters, no ... excesses is the right word - we slaved over this dish and ate it for the next four or five days!

  27. i love the consistency of that dal :)nice and thick

  28. the dish looks yummy! very interesting recipe :)

  29. @ Roopa: It was quite a unique experiment Roopa which turned out to be yummy fortunately... do try it out . I am sure u wud like it..:D

  30. @ Sra: Even I expected the entire make to be eaten for 2 or 3 days Sra, but it was so yummy and tempting that we ended up finishing the bowl.. hehehe..:)

    @ Nags: Thanks to Toor dal for such nice consistency..:) Do try it sometime..:D

  31. I have never used cahsews in the daal dhokli before. I think they will taste so wonderful! I too like many mentioned, make it with uncooked rotis. So this new recipe is a must try! Thanks for sharing.


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