I am 'tagged' for another Meme !!

Time for a Meme!!

I am tagged for another Meme - '7 Random things about Urself' by Linda . Wondering whats was the first one? It was 'Nightmare in the Kitchen' , tagged by dear Ashaji.

So, here I go with some rules first....


1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 random and/or wierd things about yourself.
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
4. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Some weird things about me..:)..

1. I am obsessed about stuff toys especially teddy bears (though I have many others like Pooh, Mickey, Donald - U name it, I have it). and I name each one of them.

2. I love the sound of Flute - very soothing and relaxing.

3. I used to have pen friends from Hawaii, UK ( 5 in total), when I was back in India. They were all girls of my age and we used to share many sweet things about our culture, family traditions, friends etc through our letters.

4. I used to hate 'Roses' until couple of years ago and never felt they were romantic.

5. I love to have spectacles, but failed to get one, though tried very hard when I was a child.

6. I can't bear the presence of a swarm of bees or a group of ants. I feel like they are crawling on me.

7. I don't know how to drive a car!

Now time for tagging....

Ashaji of Foodie'shope
Lathamma of The Yum Blog
Eden of Fussy.org
Lotus of Sarcastic Mom
Dhivi of DK's Culinary Bazaar
Frances of Blogjem
Aimee of Greeblemonkey


  1. I hate ants, too. I am allergic to fire ants, so they scare me.

    Thanks for the tag! I'm on it.


  2. Nice Meme....Like flute music - I do too! Its so Good.

  3. @ Lotus: Cool. Will look forward to ur Meme!

    @ Seema: Thanks dearie.

  4. aww! Thanks so much, but I did this meme a few weeks ago! :)

  5. Siri, nice to know u thru u'r meme. Well I am in sync with u on #5,I used to love having glasses when I was a child.

  6. Nice MeMe!! I paid pretty penny to get rid of the Specs!;p
    I don't have any weird things to tell you though. I was a tomboy and still not scared of anything!!:D

  7. nice meme siri..i love stuffed toys too...and i understand ur obsession on glasses..but mine was with braces tho!!

  8. Stuffed toys! like lax! :) Nice meme! didt know that you are weird if you dont drive!
    I took 2 months to write a meme when mansi tagged! :D

  9. @ Aimee: Oh dear, U already did it. Thats ok. Thanks for dropping by ..:)

    @ Sreelu: I love to have glasses even now Sree, even though 'S' hates the fact. hehehe..:)

  10. @ Asha: Thanks ashaji. Thats ok, I wanted to tag u and Lathamma, just for fun!

    @ Rajitha: Hahaha.. each one of us have something in common to crave for dear... for we never get it.. wonder why!

  11. @ Lathamma: Oh, I love stuff toys lathamma, best gift I can get from 'S' hehehe..:) Oh ya, Its weird to not to know driving being US. In India, its ok. Its ur wish amma, to do Meme or not. take ur time...:)

  12. Nice meme. siri...but you wanted to wear specs???..hhaha

  13. Nice meme.
    You love to have specs, i had to wear one from when i was 13 or 14 and i hate them.
    I used to have a pen friend, a girl frm Assam. In the school we had a programme to have oen friends from other states

  14. @ Srivalli: Oh ya dear, I had (still have) a strong inclination for specs. Donno why. hehehehe

    @ HC: Glad to know about ur pen friend dear. It was fun at that point of time to write letters, post them ( though it was costly to post to Hawaii and UK, still) and receiving replies from them. Man, I miss those days!


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