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Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Week without Shopping!

Saturday is typically my grocery-shopping day and I usually end up buying stuff which I either stack up in my refrigerator or in my kitchen cabinet. I always wanted to stop myself from doing this weekly ritual, as I know that I have enough already to finish up!. This time I am doing it for real! All thanks to egullet's 'A Week without Shopping challenge'. I just happened to read this thread and was so intrigued that it actually motivated me to take it up!

Here are some key notes, for me myself:

- I am still making a note of things that needs to be used up first, in the order of priority (read as expiry date!). When done, I will have a consolidated list and put my thinking cap on to cook something nice everyday.

- No eating out this week. I know that will save atleast a 50$, straightaway.

- Share my experiences here on my blog, so that I stay in action and take some help from you guys if needed..;)

- I will not make myself miserable. I will get my basic provisions (if required) on an as-when-needed basis.

- Stop food-wastage. I have to confess that at times, I keep things until rotten and eventually throw them away. That's bad, Food is money! :)

- I will have fun and eat delicious food, while saving a bunch of money.

Ok, here is my today's menu:

Breakfast: Hashbrown patty with a cup of Orange-Peach fruit juice.

Lunch: Tomato Pilaf

Dinner: Vermicelli Upma with a strawberry yogurt cup!

Yawn! I am feeling so sleepy right now. cya again tomorrow. I am thinking of making some pasta - Indian ishtyle for dinner tomorrow.. Lets see how it goes!

Its a challenge, open to all. If you wanna join, just leave a comment on egullet's forum thread!

Have a great weekend ahead!



  1. Hey Siri! Got all mails only today after our Indian trip. Your book was a great surprise.Thanks a lot sweetie!

  2. I need a week without shopping too. There are so many groceries in the fridge I end up having no space for veggies. I'd see how you do, then maybe next week... :)

  3. Good for you Siri, saves money and lot of stress too. It's impossible for me. If I don't stock up on Saturdays, my kids will eat me ALIVE!! ;D

    Happy Shiva Ratri! :)

  4. I need to do that too. I've so much stuff that will last quite sometime. I'll probably do a spring clean up soon and start fresh. Good luck.

  5. way to go girl!! last week, i tried using a menu planner and planned my menu for the whole week with whatever i had in hand..i just had to buy some milk and tomatoes which i ran out of...otherwise even i stock up on veggies and other stuff and invariably throw out something...

    i think planning my menu ahead for a week has really helped me and im gonna keep doin it!!

  6. I am Like Asha, my son will swallow me. I usually count my stock veggie before shopping on satur, If I ve two veg left, I make sure I buy 3 varieties for the next week. Egg will rescue in between. Try to vary like beet, carrots have a long life in fridge...

  7. Not shopping is a wonderful idea Siri and though I've thought about it many times, I have never really gotten down to doing it. Your post has been inspiring and I think I am starting this very day! :)

  8. How intriguing, I sometimes just buy milk, cilantro and tomatoes if I feel I have enough veggies to last me a few days,but never consciously gave up my weekend shopping....will give it a try sometime !


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