February 26, 2009

A Week without Shopping: Day 7

....though I was invisible from my blog on days - 4,5 & 6 - I am so glad to let you all know that I stuck to my week-long resolution 'to go without shopping!'. Yeh Yeh!..and the best part is my freezer is almost empty now. As promised to myself, I cooked yummy, healthy food too :)) Here is what I did..

February 23rd Day 4: Shivaratri

I kept my first fast on this year's Shivaratri and I DID it! 'Fasting' is one thing I thought I could never do it as when I attempted last time, I almost fainted. Now, its all fine. I drank 2 cups of fruit juice with plenty water all-day-long and in the evening we visited Durga temple. I made some 'Aloo tikkis' to break my fast. No pics as I was busy hogging over them. :)

February 24th Day 5:

Breakfast: Dosas with my left over dosa batter.

Lunch: (Greens cooked in olive oil) with 2 rotis

Dinner: Amchur Aloo served with rice.


Peel off the skin of 2 medium sized potatoes and cut into cubes. Heat oil, add cumin seeds with chopped garlic, green chillies and some coriander. Add potatoes and cover & cook for 5-6 mins on medium-low flame. Season with salt, turmeric and add 1 tsp of Amchur (Mango) powder. Mix well and Serve!

..this potato dish is as simple as it could be but the addition of 'Amchur' gives it a very different taste and everybody in my office loved it when I took to lunch next day. :)

Off this dish goes to EC's RCI:Haryana :)

February 25th Day 6:

Breakfast: (Everything bagel + cream cheese) - this is my favorite breakfast combo ever. :))

Lunch: Amchur Aloo with Rice.

Dinner: Simple Mung Dal with Paratha.


Pressure cook 1 cup mung dal with enough water and a bay leaf. Heat oil and add cumin seeds with chopped onion & tomatoes. Cook well with little water until mushy. Add cooked dal and season with salt, turmeric and chilli powder. Mix in some fresh coriander and psst psst.. a teaspoon of ghee at the very end!!. :))

February 26th Day 7: Today

Breakfast: Instant Oatmeal (apple and cinnamon flavor) with milk

Lunch: Dal with rice

Dinner: Spicy Okra stew with rice.

On a different note, do you know about culinate.com. Though I am a member here from quite some time and am regularly recieving their newsletters, I must confess that I never actually read their content. Today when I did from my office, I was literally glued for an hour. I am in absolute love with their recipes and their useful trivia about almost everything related to food!.

Check out an interesting article about 'Kitchen Cleanup' on Culinate.

What all other foodie websites do you visit? Any personal favorites? I would be glad to know from you all.

Good night for now,



  1. great going Siri.Guess I should also get started with something like this.loved the dal n aloo dish..:)
    Thanks for the site..:)..I do like delish.com n allrecipes site..:)

  2. Girl,you are so determined..I can't do this...Love the amchoor aloo..That sounds great :)

  3. Siri, I am so proud of you. You fasted and emptied your freezer too. Good for you, glad you shared with me! :)
    Two things I want to do too desperately!! When kids move out, I think I will detox myself once a week whenever Arvind has meeting and don't come home for dinner.

    Menu sounds great too. have a fun weekend! :)

  4. Goog going Siri.. Loved your simple aloo and dal recipes. Have a nice weekend.

  5. Moong dal is a present substitute for toor dal, it is more nutrient also, should try this..

  6. Thats amazing siri!!!
    I have been doing this long time... I will go to shopping only if my fridge and freezer looks empty.. which is good for us.. save some valuable money..

    Good work!!!

  7. It's amazing that you have been able to pull this off, I am really impressed....the amchur aloo sounds very interesting, I look forward to trying this soon :-)

  8. Wow! This is quite an achievement. And a happy freezer too. Now you can go on a grocery shopping binge :)

  9. That's amazing siri. Everything looks so delicious.

  10. Both dishes look simple yet comforting. Your post reminds me it is time to clean my freezer. And thanks for letting us know abt the websitte

  11. Wonderful Siri, way to go for keeping up with the No-shopping spree! :)


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