December 20, 2007

the real 'me'..

Who am I?

I am Siri, somebody just like you - passionate about food, happiness and life in general.

What is Siri's Corner is all about?

It was the summer of 2007 and those were the times when nothing worthwhile was happenning in my life and 'Food' gave me solace and embraced me...and asked nothing in return..It still gives me bountiful love and joy and this blog is a place where I try to share all that with you all :).

All opinions expressed on this blog are purely mine and are not intended to hurt anybody's sentiments.

Is this is a food-blog only?

Not at all..though it is mostly a food-related blog, one would find all kinds of stuff here - stories that inspirehumour, food art , articles and other non-foodie posts..

Whenever possible, I do host various food-events and for the roundups done uptil  now, click here.

How often do I blog?

I blog when I find a recipe that 'connects' with me and 'talks' to me.. when I dig into that first bite, my heart either skips a beat out of joy.. or atleast brings a smile on to my face...when I know for a fact that dish will be made again and again by me..
... this blog is my online 'diary-of-keepsake-recipes'.  Not every experiment of mine in the kitchen is a success, but as Tom Krause quoted - 'There are no failures - just experiences and your reactions to them.' .

Where do I get the recipes from?

...from everywhere - my own crazy ideas, cookbooks, magazines, websites, fellow bloggers and sources of all kinds...and every time the idea/recipe is 'borrowed' or adapted, it is duly credited to its original author.

Questions and/or Comments?

Click here to leave a message or drop a comment on my blog. I will surely respond to it as soon as possible. Your feedback is always welcome.

Happy browsing and hope to see you back soon!

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