March 22, 2013

{Simple and Easy} Chana Dal and Coconut Stir Fry Recipe (Senagapappu Kobbari Koora)

Yay! It's Friday today. After a busy week both at work and personal fronts, here I am sitting on my office  desk during lunch time, thinking about what prologue to write for this post. Sigh! sometimes when you are drained, writing is always the hard part. Nothing's is coming to me. All my thoughts are wandering back to the task list in my "Reminders" app on my Iphone 4S. To make up for the sad state of my mind, I thought of sharing few pictures which I have photographed for this year's Project 365 so far. That's an easy task. Isn't it? Just choose my favorites and jump right into today's recipe. Yep, I chose the easiest way out. :-)

Here we go -

My favorite time of the day is when I am sitting in our balcony with a cup of tea. I make it a point not to have any news paper or my phone or my laptop around to distract the mind. Just me and my cup of ginger tea contemplating on the things to do on that day!

“In joy or sadness flowers are our constant friends.” ~ Kakuzō Okakura, The Book Of Tea

I  am in love with the bright, summer mornings we are bestowed with these days and strolling around in our roof top garden before it gets too hot.

Babies, they are adorable. Aren't they? This is one my favorite shot of my sister's niece who is already almost an year now. How time flies!

My favorite muse is of course photographing food and there are no surprises there. ;-) and sometimes they are slowly creep into my photo blog too. 

These are my favorite few shots from Project 365 so far. There are many more that I wish I could share. But, that would make the post too long. To follow my photo journey, do subscribe to - 365 days of Siri. Now, let's talk about today's recipe. Shall we? - a combination of curry my mom makes where are literally nothing in the fridge. The Chana Dal and Coconut Stir Fry is a simple to make curry that goes well with both rice and rotis.


{Recipe} Chana Dal and Coconut Stir Fry

Adapted from Amma.

Suggested accompaniments - Onion Bhakra | Palak Khasta Roti | Perfectly Baked Brown rice


1 cup chana dal (senaga pappu)
2-3 green chillies, slit lengthwise
1 tbsp oil
1/4 cup shredded fresh coconut
salt - to taste

For Tadka - 1 tsp mustard seeds, 1 tsp cumin seeds, 1 tsp split gram dal, few fresh curry leaves, hing


1. Add enough water to chana dal so that its completely immersed and pressure cook until 2 whistles. Let the pressure be released naturally. The dal must be soft, not mushy. Drain water, cover and keep aside.

2. In a kadai, heat oil and add all the ingredients listed for "Tadka" one by one. Let them splutter a bit. Then add slit green chilies and cooked dal. Gently mix everything. Season with salt. Saute for 5 to 6 mins. Then sprinkle fresh coconut over the top. Stir fry for 5 mins again.

Serve as side dish with hot rice or rotis.

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Sending this vegan recipe to Healthy Vegan Fridays and The Wellness Weekend

This is Recipe 20 of  The 100 Recipe Challenge for the year 2013. Check out other recipes posted so far.


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  1. Such a healthy and authentic curry.. Bagundi :D

  2. I love this curry.. so simple with just a few ingredients, but you tasty and filling.

  3. This looks really great. Great as a warm salad!


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