March 5, 2013

{Simple and Easy} Mario Batali's Tortilla Española | Spanish Omelette with Potatoes, Eggs and Spinach | Spanish Tortilla Recipe

Everybody has a dream.

...and mine is to go on a trip to Europe one day. It is a continent with such diversity in terms of weather, people & their living, architecture and of course food. Just to mention a few, think of a french baguette, italian pasta, neapolitan pizza, polish pierogi or a spanish tapas. yumm! Isn't it. I wish to taste and savor each one of them!

On my bucket list is also to view the magnificent piazzas in Rome, drive through those rustic, country-side roads of Tuscany (Italy), experience a day shopping (if my wallet permits) in fashion capital Paris, catch a glimpse of Eiffel Tower with a stopover at The Louvre, hit the bars in london and end with a quiet Spanish meal with tons of paella and tortillas. The very thought of it is so exhilarating and brings happy thoughts into my mind & tummy.

Do you have a dream too? I would love to know all about it.

I am not sure if this dream of mine will become a reality in near future, so I made myself Mario Batali's Tortilla Española for lunch today. Its basically a spanish omelet with eggs, onions and potatoes. I added some spinach as well. This dish is so easy to put together and the end result is so satisfying and delicious. Not just breakfast, this tortilla can be served as a wholesome lunch, brunch, snack or dinner.

This is indeed the best of all omelets! :-)


{Recipe} Tortilla Española | Spanish Omelette with Potatoes, Eggs and Spinach

Adapted from Mario Batali's Recipe on Food and Wine
Serves 2-3 


3 eggs
2 potatoes, washed, peeled and thinly sliced
1 bunch of spinach, washed and chopped
1 medium onion, thinly sliced
salt and pepper - to taste
few red chilli flakes


1. Heat olive oil in a flat bottomed pan and saute onions until they are translucent. Spread potatoes as one layer. Cook over moderate heat, stirring occasionally  until the potatoes and onion are tender but not browned, about 10-15 minutes.

2. Add chopped spinach and lightly season with salt & pepper.

3. In a bowl, lightly beat the eggs and add red chillie flakes, little salt and pepper.

4. Scrape the potato-onion-spinach mixture into the bowl and gently fold in everything.

5. Preheat oven to 180 C or 350 F. Grease a baking pan with some olive oil and evenly spread the egg mixture. Bake for about 15 to 20 minutes until the tortilla is set and eggs are completely cooked.

Transfer the spanish omelet onto a plate and cut into wedges. Serve alongside with some bread, ketchup, any spread or enjoy as-is.

Note: The tortilla can stand at room temperature for 3 hours before serving.

This is Recipe 15 added to my 2013 Recipe Archive. Check out the rest of the recipes too!


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  1. Awesome about the europe ! photos are fantastic !

  2. Great shots.. I do similar kind of omelet with lot of veggies.. One of my bucket list item is also Europe trip. Let's see when mine come true

    1. Sailaja - I hope both of our wishes come true, very soon! :D

  3. I wish your dream for Euro travel come true very soon. Add, some swiss cuisine to your bucket list as well. I am sure you will love when i treat you with some of the best fondue, meringue and rosti from here :)

    1. Babe, I was thinking about you & Switzerland when I was writing about Europe. Fondue, how can I forget that? I had once in Bangalore and it was Ah-mazing! :-) Meringue and Rosti, I can live on them...We were initially planning to a make trip this year but things got postponed to god knows when. :-(.

  4. I too have dream about Euro Trip and its similar to yours. Love this recipe and i should definitely give it a try.

  5. My dream is to go to Paris, its been my dream since 8th standard, I know that I will fulfill it one day.
    All the best on your Europe travel and food dreams, as for the omelette it looks delicious!

  6. Awesome love the colors and texture....

    i guess we all love to dream and yes a trip to Italy is a dream...even thou I went to Italy four years ago, dream is to go back and live there for some time....! I also dream to have my own (big, huge) vegetable patch....I cook all day and develop recipes and when I need something all I need to do is go into my backyard and get it...!!

  7. Looks interesting. But I guess like I always do, I would add a pinch of turmeric... I know that would make it less Continental, but for that Indian touch and moreover the colour ! Bookmarking this.

  8. The tortillas look fabulous! Great pictures too :) Ah Europe..! I think you will find many people sharing this particular dream of yours. 3 of my girl friend went on a Europe trip leaving husbands and boy friends behind, and had the time of their lives! Since then, thats all I have been dreaming of too :) Fingers crossed!


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