January 21, 2010

Dal Pakwaan

Life .. like a journey on a train.. you meet people, they share a tiny part of your life & then they leave..like birds who are ready to migrate for greater pastures.. but still you remember them.. and cherish the time you spent with them..forever...

..during the course of our journey, we learn so much from each other, share so many moments of joy, laughter & sometimes sadness too..all these stay right with you, wherever you are..to be really honest, roommates are two types - one who are damn sweet & become friends for ever and the second type - you better stay away from them. they irritate you, give you no space what-so-ever, interfere in every little thing .. But, I have always been lucky to find only the first one and not the second..

..my sindhi roomie G, got a new job recently & left us last week and the day before she was leaving, G made (and taught me) this dish for us. though, in andhra households we make similar things , the combination of pakwan with dal was new to me and was v.v.v.v yummy!

..thanks G for sharing those wonderful moments with us. May god bless you & You achieve greater accomplishments in life..:)

Dal Pakwaan (recipe by my sindhi roomie)

For Dal:

1 cup chana dal
5-6 whole green chillies,slit lengthwise
fresh coriander leaves, chopped
1 tsp cumin seeds
1/4 tsp red chilli powder
1/8 tsp turmeric powder
1/2 tsp mango powder (amchur powder)
salt - to taste

1 tbsp canola oil/ghee

For Pakwaan:

2 cups all-purpose flour/maida
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
salt - to taste
water - for kneading
1 tbsp canola oil
oil - for deep frying


Pakwaan - Sieve the flour (if necessary). Take the flour in a mixing bowl and add - cumin seeds, oil, salt and enough water to form a soft (not too soft) dough. Divide it into small lemon-sized balls.

Roll out, each ball into a thin,round roti. With a fork poke holes on each of them. (So that it does not rise when frying.)

Heat oil in a kadai and when the oil is well hot, turn flame to medium-low. Drop in, carefully one pakwan at a time, press down on one side for 30 secs (to cook evenly) and turn, when you see small tiny brown bubbles on it. Press down again and fry on the other side no more than 30-45 secs. It gains a golden brown color after it rests for a minute or so. Place them in paper towels, to drain any excess oil.

The pakwaans will stay fresh for months, if stored in an air-tight container. Enjoy these as-is (or) with the dal mentioned below..:)

Dal - Soak the washed chana dal for couple hours (if time permits). Pressure cook them for 2-whistles. Heat oil in a pan, add cumin seeds & green chillies. Fry for 1 minute and then add cooked lentils. Season with salt, turmeric, red chilli powder and amchur powder. Simmer for 3-4 mins and add or garnish with coriander leaves. this dal is very versatile and can be served as a side-dish for pakwaan, rice or any bread. Enjoy!

G, you will be missed by all of us, here!..:)



  1. These look and sound like mathris! I could have these even with pickles.

  2. My all time favorite combo Siri..looks good..

  3. nice combo.. and nutririous too!!

  4. Looks really crunchy like an appalam or a crispy taco..

  5. Looks really crunchy like an appalam or a crispy taco..

  6. Hi. I am drooling over the dal pakwaan. I love this preparation and am so happy that ur friend made this for u.

  7. This is a new recipe for me...looks tempting :)

  8. I have enver had this looks yumm. I think what you said about the trin journey is really true. Woudn't it be fun if we could see back all the ppl we had friends with in our varius train journy.

  9. When I read your heading "Pakwan" I almost ran to see your blog with having thought that you might have spread an array of dishes. hehe :D
    Dal-Pakwan..nice combo Siri! :)

  10. Man, that pakwaan looks so gorgeous! Fried cumin seeds are so YUMMY! I love dal made with chana dal as well.

  11. looks so good , crunchy reminds me of namkins..and you wrote beautifully to essay your feelings :)..
    hugs and smiles

  12. I always always wanted to make this combo for a long time but never got the time. Looks great, crispy puris with dal. What more could you want? Enjoy and good luck to her.

  13. I would munch some while frying ;)...loved it.

  14. Siri, this looks really good. Bookmarked the recipe.

  15. Hi Siri

    Lovely recipe....great blog


  16. My Mom makes a similar Pakwaan love the way it has come out!!! very nice and havent had it with dhal!!!

  17. I've had 2nd type of room mates and it wasn't fun at all.. Those fried goodies look soooo yummm.

  18. I second your thoughts on the 2nd type of roommates.. even I had those ROOMMATE Blues..
    Dal Pakwaan looks really inviting... So nice of your roomie to share this recipe with us. btw your stories remind me of those 'GOOD' room mates I had.. . really MISS them.. Sobs..


  19. Soma - I think..these pakwaans have many similar snacks made across cuisines, just named differently :).. with pickles.. yum!!..nice idea..will try next.

    Valli - to me too Valli..:)

    Kalva - Yes Yes Yes..

    Ruchika - they are very crispy & crunchy in texture ..but not-at-all oily :)


  20. Pari - thanks Pari. G was very sweet to make these for all of us and we were literally hogging them ;)

    HC - Re-uniting with the ones who shared some of your sweet memories would be so awesome!! :)

    Sonia - hehehe..I know the name a bit deceiving.. nevertheless..I am happy you liked the combo :)

    Shyam - thanks shyam..the cumin seeds add so much flavor to these..try them out sometime & am sure you will love them.


  21. Jaya - crunchy, crispy & tasty..;) thanks Jaya for dropping by!

    Ashaji - What you didn't make these yet!!! You HAVE to...and am so sure you will like them, just I did..:))
    will pass on your best wishes to G.

    Deepa - thats exactly what I did deepa.. munching while others were frying ;).. could resist till the end.

    Anupama - thanks anu. try them and let me know if you liked them. :)


  22. Rujuta - Thanks rujuta.

    Ramya - try them with dal next time ramya, dal & pakwaan - is a ridiculously yummy combo, which I wasn't even aware of!

    Pavani - Uh Oh!..we need to be really choosy with people if you are sharing space..I have seen at my friend's places how these 'second type' could be and my heart-felt sympathy goes to the 'victims'..!

    RV - Roommate Blues are very hard to endure..I wonder why people (esp women) could be so in-sensitive...
    the GOOD ones will always be cherished & are really 'good friends' forever!

  23. Hi Siri,
    This my all time favorite. And perfect for evenings during Winter.
    Lovely Pic. as usual.
    Thanks for sharing.

  24. Recently, I've been seeing lots of Indian recipes I want to try, including this one. The universe must be telling me something.

  25. wow! this brought back some lovely memories of my childhood. my uncle used to make delicious dal pakwaan and pour a nice tamarind chutney over the dal.


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