October 7, 2012

{Help} to make Vaidehi Ashram kids wish a reality!


Note: Here are the details of their Shirdi trip. Thanks to each of them who donated generously for the cause. Photographs taken during the trip will shared shortly on the blog.

{Updated on November 15th 2012Shirdi Trip Photographs Part 1

"Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song..." ~ Plato 

Back in February this year, the first ever Fund Drive for the Vaidehi Ashram kids was organised. Thanks to the overwhelming response (~ Rs 3,20,107 collected), we managed to pay their school fees for 5 months, bring loads of groceries for 2 months and buy them some new shoes as well. (Click here for all the details about how the funds are being disbursed.) They thanked all of us profusely every single time they received a cheque. The remaining amount of 55,743 Rupees is planned for groceries for the month of October. I will keep you posted and publish the details pretty soon.

Few days back, when I visited the ashram to donate Rs 10,600 ($200) on behalf of my dear friend, Rads many kids expressed their desire to visit Shirdi for this year's Dussehra. When I inquired about it with mataji, the ashram warden, she said yes, they would really want to take the girls but they are in look out for sponsors who can help them for the trip to happen.

There are about 50 kids at Vaidehi Ashram who study from class 6th to 10th class. Many have not seen the world beyond the four walls of the ashram either because their parents have abandoned them or left them orphaned. Almost all the girls in the ashram are trying to build a new world for themselves with whatever emotional and financial support they receive from people like us, the donors who show their generosity in the form of food, books, clothes or just few minutes of kind, encouraging words. "Everything will be alright", I say every time I see kids who cry for their families. "Life is gonna be great for them" I think and silently pray in my heart.

Coming to the logistics, it will cost around Rupess 70,000 for travel and accommodation (they will be staying in the satrams (cheap, affordable housing) provided by the Shirdi Devastanam) for all the 50 kids. Looking at the little eager faces around me, I wanted to help and since its quite a big amount for one person to bear, I was hoping if you guys will help me as well. Hence this mini fund drive, with a mission to collect $1350 in 4 days.

I might not succeed completely, but at least I can try. Try to use this blog as a platform to reach out to generous souls out there who are interested to join me in this cause.

If you would like to donate in Rupees - Please send an email to info(dot)siri(at)gmail.com for the bank account details where you can do a direct deposit and participate in the fund drive.

Spread the word. Please share about this fund drive on your blogs, with your friends & family who might be interested. Please feel free to use any images and information posted in the Ashram posts to make your voice heard. Any help in any form in making this event a success is very much appreciated. :-).

Vaidehi Ashram posts previous published - 

Just like before, I created a ChipIn widget to make this things easier. But this time we have a limit of $1350. That's how much we need in just 4 days, as the ashram authorities have to pay the travel company in advance. Click the "Copy" button on the corresponding widget and paste it on your blog sidebars so that your readers can participate as well. If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email.

Will you join me in spreading joy and bringing few innocent smiles this festive season? Any little amount right from $1 will help me get closer the $1350 target. Just click the ChipIn button above and it will direct you to the payment page (via Paypal or Credit Card). Once the donation process is completed, please forward your payment confirmation message to info(dot)siri(at)gmail.com. As soon as I receive your payment, I will send you a personal thank you note which is a confirmation about your donation.

"There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle."
~ Albert Einstein 

..and I think fulfilling the wish of those 50 girls in whatever way we can is a miracle in itself. Let's join hands to make their tiny wish a reality :-) What say?

Fund Drive Contributors List

Note to Contributors: Within 24 hours, if you don't find your name in the below list or regarding any discrepancy with the details mentioned against your name, please do write to me or leave a comment.  Thanks and Apologies in advance. :-)


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  1. Yay!!!!! You did it! I am already looking forward to a post you will do in future interviewing those who visited.
    Wish the children a safe and happy trip.

  2. I have seen this girls pic , d one with some sparkling top, she has something abt her eyes! would love to meet her someday!


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