March 27, 2012

{Update} on Vaidehi Ashram Fund Distribution

Remaining Amount: 0 Rs (as of November 22nd 2012). The entire amount raised from the Fund Drive held in February 2012 has been spent for the children of Vaidehi Ashram. Thanks all for generously contributing to the Fund Drive

There is a constant need of funds for Kid's Education Fund (Vidya Nidhi) as every month more than 25,000 Rupees has to be paid as school fees for about 100+ school going girls. If you wish to lend a helping hand to the girls at the Ashram, please feel free to send me an email at - info[dot]siri[at]gmail[dot]com. I will be happy to coordinate in any which way you want to contribute. Thanks in advance.

A Big Hello from all of us here at Ashram :-)

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Repeating myself on what Thomas Carlyle quoted "A laugh, to be joyous, must flow from a joyous heart, for without kindness, there can be no true joy." and each one of Y.O.U played a passionate role in bringing true joy and happiness in the lives of Vaidehi Ashram girls. Sometimes it feels like a dream that we actually managed to raise more than 3 Lakh Rupees in a matter of just 30 days. 

When I shared this news with Ashram authorities, they were ecstatic beyond words. There were tears of joy, happiness and gratitude all around, some expressed awe and some disbelief ;-). They thanked from the bottom of their heart for your generosity and kindness. :-).

Now, its time for proper action so that money reaches the deserved and serves it purpose. This post will be updated regularly to post updates about how the money is being disbursed.

Total Amount raised during the Vaidehi Ashram Fund Drive =  Rs 3,20,107 [3 Lakh Twenty Thousand One Hundred and Seven Rupees]

How the money has been disbursed.

(in the order of most recent expenditure..scroll down for more updates)

[Updated on November 22nd 2012] - A cheque of  50,700 Rupees in the name of  Sri Saraswathi Vidya Peetam has been given which will cover school fees for the month of November 2012. The remaining amount is  2,043 Rupees. Another cheque for the same has been given in the name of Vaidehi Seva Samithi which will cover the cost of one day's meal for all the ashram girls.


[Updated on October 20th 2012] - 3,000 Rupees in cash has been spent to buy this pair of diyas along wtih two plates for the ashram as uptil now they used to borrow them from one of the committee member's friend. Thanks to you all, they have their own pair now which can be used for all special occasions,  festivals, annual day inauguration etc.


[Updated on August 19th 2012] - 15,000 Rs in cash was given to Vaidehi Ashram authorities to spend on footwear for all 120 children. Here are some smiling faces excitedly posing with their new chappals. :-)


[Updated on July 5th 2012] - Two cheques - one for Rs 1,05,360 in the name of  Sri Saraswathi Vidya Peetam has been given which will cover two months of school admission fees & term fees for 86 girls from the Ashram. Another for Rs 13,826 in the name of Vaidehi Seva Samithi has been given which will cover the milk expenses for all 112 ashram girls for one month. 


[Updated on June 26th 2012] - A cheque for Rs 56,168 has been given in the name of Sri Laxmi Narashima Kirana & General Stores.

Here is the breakdown for Rs 56,168 spent on groceries for Ashram -

1. 50 kgs Urad Dal - Rs 2650
2. 2 quintals of Toor Dal - Rs 12,600
3. 20 tins of Sunflower oil - Rs 24,400 (1220 * 20)
4. 60 Kgs of Tamarind - Rs 3360 (1680 * 20)
5. 1 quintal of Sugar - Rs 3010
6. 20 kgs Wheat Rava - Rs 440
7. 20 kgs of Bombay Rava - Rs 420
8. 2 cartons of washing soaps - Rs 1900
9. 100 Bathing soaps - Rs 3250
10. 15 Dabur Red tooth paste - Rs 900
11. 1 carton of Sanitary Napkins - Rs 1548
12. 30 Wheel detergent powder packets - Rs 1140
13. 5 kgs of Coconut oil - Rs 550

Groceries bought for Ashram

Children gathered for their evening prayers


[Updated on April 16th 2012] - A cheque for Rs 45, 650 has been given in the name of Sri Saraswathi Vidya Peetam to the Ashram which will cover the school fees for the months of April and May 2012.

Signature and Account details blurred out for security purposes

{L-R} Ms Suvathsala, My mother and ashram wardens - receiving the cheque 

[Updated on March 3rd 2012] Emma Goldman once said - "No one has yet realized the wealth of sympathy, the kindness and generosity hidden in the soul of a child. The effort of every true education should be to unlock that treasure.".

Believing the fact that empowering these little girls will make them better and smarter women tomorrow, the first amount (Rs 28,360) disbursed is for the school fees of 80 Ashram kids for the month of March. The check is drawn directly under the name of Sri Saraswathi Vidya Peetam, the trust that runs the school.

Signature and Account No. blurred out for security purposes

It also gives me immense pleasure that many have called the Ashram reading about them on our blogs and offered to financially help the girls. My heart filled with pride that we all successfully mobilized people around us to do some good. :-)

My mom and grandmom with kiddos.
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  1. congratulations once again Siri and thank you for making us part of this good cause. May there be always light in their lives and may God shower his blessings on all the good souls.

  2. It is so good to hear it especially that the kids will be able to pay thei school fees.

  3. Siri- it is amazing how you are conducting this fundraiser with transparency and integrity. Thank you for putting in all this effort! Lots of love to the little girls and young women at Vaidehi Ashram.

  4. It was so accidental I came across your blog and I am glad I did. Happy to be part of this noble cause. God bless these kids.

  5. I came to your blog thru onehotstove and was really touched with the effort that you were putting in. Upon reading further I realized that this place is in Hyd, I wanted to come and visit - but the logistics were difficult as I am located far from the ashram. So instead of losing this momentum, I visited Radha Kishan balika bhavan (which is on my way to work)and donated money to them instead. So not only the girls at vaidehi ashram, but other girls also got benefited by your hard work. Sarve jana sukhino bhavantu :)

  6. Hi Siri - Awesome job! You are an inspiration - I have always wanted to do something like this but never took it to the next step. We help a number of charities but I believe a concentrated effort such as this keeps you focused. Look fwd to do the same myself someday soon..real soon! Good luck and keep up the good work..God bless!

  7. Well done and keep up the good work .Its such a blessing to have a noble cause in our mists .Children are our future and you are giving them a great start in life Anand Shiva Trust UK


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