May 2, 2012

19th Annual Day Celebrations at Vaidehi Ashram, Hyderabad

 For the beautiful word begets the beautiful deed. ~ Thomas Mann

Here on this blog, you must have read many stories written on Vaidehi Ashram (a Flickr set of all the photographs taken there) and some generous souls even offered a helping hand to make a difference and help realize the tiny dreams of Ashram girls. The authorities at Vaidehi Ashram thank US even today for our gesture. :-)

April 29th was the day when the Ashram came to life with just two girls 19 years ago and I was invited to their annual day celebrations. Honestly I was representing all of Y.O.U over there. The entire courtyard in front of the ashram was filled with people who helped the ashram in one way or the other and a small number of relatives of the girls who stay in the Ashram. There were some distinguished guests and most importantly many squeaky, little excited girls running all around who were seen practicing their performances back stage. It was a pure delight to watch them sing and dance. There was also a special performance by four to ten year olds (22 of them) who were rescued last year in 2011.

I wanted you all to be a part of the celebrations as well. Here are some pictures I took while I was there and also a small video of girls performing at the very end of the post.

Its been 19 years since its inception. It is heartwarming to know it gave a new life  and shelters hundreds of homeless girls.

Beautiful them. Beautiful We.

the one in the middle will be a great dancer one day. Look at her terrific expression! :D

All set to rock the stage. 

the formation.

singing songs.

the ashram girls are trained in self defence too.

displaying their Nunchaku skills.

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  1. Adorable strong girls- here's wishing them the very best.

    1. Absolutely Nupur. Their enthusiasm and smiles are so infectious. :D

  2. Siri, so glad to be a part of the celebration thanks to you. Wishing girls the very best

  3. All of them are looking so cute in their costumes, looks like you had lot of fun out there. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Siri.

  5. Hi Siri, nice to meet you, I am a vegetarian and I like your recipes :-). I am also sending you the photo for BWW (in New Zealand is already Thursday!!)


  6. So nice of you to share the kids joy with us too. Enjoyed seeing their happy faces.

  7. wonderful clicks Siri.. Wish them all a wonderful life ahead.

    my fundraiser auction is live now. Do drop by if you have a minute!
    Richa @

  8. They look so happy! Lovely post!


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