October 20, 2012

Vaidehi Ashram Kids and their Shirdi Trip Details...

{Updated on November 15th 2012} Shirdi Trip Photographs Part 1
Located in a quaint colony here in Hyderabad, until last year, there were only few handful of people along with 100+ orphan kids associated with the Vaidehi Ashram. Now, things have a changed, a lot. Since the day Vaidehi Ashram has been mentioned on this blog for the first time, many many generous souls have joined the ashram community. Its now a big, virtual family where each one of us have pledged to help out those needy girls and strive to give them a better life. I can't thank enough those who helped me in bringing joy and happiness into their lives. Thank you in lending a helping hand (even now, every single day through your numerous calls and emails about what you can do for the ashram) and for believing in the notion that- the ashram kids too deserve to see their aspirations fulfilled in their lives, just like any of us. :-)

Welcome to Vaidehi Ashram
Now, coming to some super exciting news. Remember, this post where I asked for your help to make their wish (to visit Shridi for Dussehra) a reality. Well, I am ecstatic to let you all know that - not only we collected the necessary amount in less than 48 hours, the travel company has offered an attractive package where the children will be touring not only Shirdi but a bunch of other places as well. How cool is that!!. It is no longer a day trip, it evolved itself into a week long trip. About 50 girls (who are studying from 7th standard to college) along with 3 ashram wardens and 6 committee members (59 in total) will be joining this trip.

"The Bags are ready. Food packed. The kids are all set to go, tomorrow! "

Here is their brief itinerary of upcoming trip to Shirdi + nearby places:

21st October (evening) - Start off from Hyderabad to Tuljapur.

22nd October - Tuljapur Darshan and Pandaripur night halt.

23rd October - Pandaripur Darshan & Padmayuham, Sheni Signapur with night halt at Trimbakeshwar.

24th October - Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple Darshan, Nasik Darshan, Mukthi Dham and night halt at Shirdi.

25th October - Full day at Shirdi with night halt.

26th October - Ellora Grishneshwar Temple & Ellora Caves, Kuldabad, Doltabad Fort, Aurangabad Panchakki & Bibika Magbora (Mini Taj Mahal)

27th October - Ajantha Caves, Honda Nagnath Darshan with night halt at Basara.

28th October - Basara Saraswathi Goddess Darshan and reach Hyderabad by evening 7 pm.

A total of 1,21,393 Rupees has been collected during the fund drive last week and am happy to let you all know that the entire amount has been handed over to the ashram authorities.

Here is the breakup of the costs -

--> Transportation - 40,000 Rs (in the form two cheques directly given to "Sri Venkateshwara Travels) + 33,000 Rupees (for various toll taxes & othere travel related expenses along the way etc)
--> Food - 20,000 Rupees donated by Lata Raja, sent directly to Ashram account.
--> Accommodation + Miscellaneous costs for medicines, blankets etc - 28,393 Rupees

I visited the ashram today to see how the preparations were going on. Below are few photographs I clicked while I was there. Some of the older kids have promised me to take loads of pictures during their trip. I will post them once they are back. Stay tuned. :-D

common medicines, in case needed.

its quite cold these days, hence few blankets to wrap on.

buckets  & mugs

few munchies - chudwa and rava laddoo (made in ashram kitchen) for the trip.

Some of the girls, wardens and committee members who will be going to this trip. (except for the little girl on right side)

until next time,


  1. SO exciting! I'm more excited right now than if I were going on a long-awaited vacation myself. Happy journey to the girls!

  2. Wishing the kids a happy and safe journey, I love the pics, and that snack pic made me smile it reminds me of school trips :-)


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