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Thursday, October 9, 2008

too tired to blog..

I had such a long and hectic day today that am too tired to blog, though I have some yummy recipes clicked! Aargh!!!

will post tomorrow for sure ...until then.. Good Night!


- Siri

Image Source: Onebean.com


  1. Take it easy Siri, very stressful these days in every way. Call your mom and chat.
    Trisha had a minor car accident at the university last week. It shook all of us even though nobody got hurt but the car. I lost it for a while (made me wonder why do we have children because it's so hard to not worry ourselves to death every other minute when they are out!) but I am back now!:D
    Hugs, relax a bit and then blog!:))

  2. Take a good day of rest and come back tommorow with the delicious recipe :-)

  3. If you were working : Don't work too hard!

    If you were partying : Go right ahead, we can wait to see what you cooked :)

  4. Blogging gurinchi worry avakandi. Baaga rest thesukoni malli manchi manchi recipes to randi.

  5. Relax... take it easy:-)

  6. It's hard to be witty, entertaining and informative every day. Rest your weary head.

  7. Hope you had a good night's sleep and a great weekend.

  8. Ah, I know this feeling well! Thanks, Siri, for your interest in hosting MLLA. Right now it is booked through September 09, but I will add you to the list should I keep the event going beyond that. : )


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