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Do you know whats the significance about October 16th?? there are two special occasions to celebrate on this day.

First one is 'World Bread Day' - which stands for solidarity and also for our ability to share. Bread also symbolizes Power! Zorra is organizing an event to celebrate this day, where the theme is open - one can bake any kind of bread or can just get store bought bread from their favorite bakery & blog about it! Click here (or the image) for more event details.

3rd World Bread Day hosted by 1x umruehren bitte aka kochtopf

Second is , a little unknown is 'National Boss Day'! Yes, you heard it correct, Boss Day. - a day to thank your boss for being so sweet and kind towards you all through the year. Isn't it interesting! I am planning to make something yummy for my boss, who has been a great source of strength during my hard times at work. Do you wanna make some too??

Then cook up a recipe (or) just blog about your experiences, on or before October 16th 2008 and send your post URL to me at: info(dot)siri(at)gmail(dot)com....I will do a roundup in the last week of October!!

Have a great Wednesday ahead folks!



  1. How interesting...who knew about the National boss day I mean...

  2. hi, interesting info.. i never knew of national boss day, hehe..also, world bread day seems wonderful..i love bread:-)


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