October 24, 2015

Celebrating Food Day 2015 | Top 10 #GreenMeal Recipes ~ A Virtual South Indian Thali

Today, October 24th 2015 is being celebrated as Food Day all over America. This year's focus is to move towards a greener diet, raising awareness about the critical importance of eating less meat and enjoying more whole plant-based foods as a way to become healthier and to help animals and the environment. Like never before, researchers are emphasizing the same point and I firmly believe that it leads for a better living and more compassionate eating. Don't you all agree? There are many events happening all over the country as a part of Food Day Green Meal program and to do my bit, I am participating in Food Day Blogger Takeover with a post filled with many delicious plant based recipes.

The idea here to present them in the form a South Indian Thali. A Thali (for those who are not familiar with the concept) is a typically 7 to 10 course meal served as platter with little bowls consisting of a wide variety of different dishes like vegetable curries, dals, papad/chips, rice, bread, pickle, a sweet dish and yogurt. Almost any Indian restaurant has a thali on their menu and mostly served during lunch times.

Now, Are you ready to see what dishes I have served in my (virtual) thali? Read along to know more and get the recipes!

1. Aratikaya Avapettina Koora (Plantain Curry in Mustard Paste)

3. Raw Mango Dal

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