July 27, 2010

Okra Raita and Mint Raita

There is absolutely nothing comforting than a bowl of cool yogurt to beat the scorchy summers outside. When I was a kid, having yogurt at the end of meal was a MUST in my house (just like in any other Indian household). Two or three days without yogurt, my body heat starts to build up till it finally signals me to have some immediately.

Yogurt with onion, tomato & coriander or Yogurt with grated carrot & cucumber are the usual combinations which one often ends up making. Today, I have two simple yet divine yogurt recipes for you guys. these can be made in a jiffy and can be enjoyed at any time of the day - as a side dish or like me, just have as-is.

Okra Raita (Bendakaya Perugu Pachadi/Vendakkai Thair Pachadi)

Stem and finely chop the okra into rounds. Heat some oil in a skillet. Add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, black gram dal (urad dal), bengal gram dal (chana dal), halved red chilli, asafoetida powder and a few curry leaves.

When mustard seeds start to splutter, add the okra. Cook on a low heat until the vegetable is tender. Add salt to taste(at the very end as it prevents it from becoming soggy) and cook for a minute or so. Cool the okra and add to the well-beaten yogurt. Blend thoroughly. Serve cold or at room temperature.

Mint Raita (Pudina Perugu Pachadi)

This recipe is by my dear friend, DK of Chef in You. Last month when I visited CA for the first time, she cordially invited me and S for dinner and then, she made this cool, Mint Raita. Once we came back, couple of days later, S was craving for this and I had to call my buddy for the recipe. Since then I must have made this tons of times, atleast twice a week. It tastes that good.

In a food processor, grind mint leaves with some beaten yogurt. Add this mint mixture to rest of the yogurt with some roasted coriander-cumin powder and salt. Whisk the contents well. Ta-dah, its ready!

I hope you are all are enjoying the summer with lots of fresh fruits & vegetables, sangrias, lemonades, hikings and outdoor barbecuing!

Don't forget to put your Sunscreen at ALL times!.

[EDIT] Sending these two raitas as entries to Suma's event about Sidedishes other than Dals & Subzis.



  1. Never thought you could put okra in a raita!

    Mint raita looks very refreshing.

  2. superb raitas, and perfect for this hot summer, great

  3. both raitas looks so delicious n refreshing ...mint raita is very new to me but looks soo yummy ...i must try this ...thanks for sharing this dear


  4. Love both the raitas,Siri,esp mint which is new to me.DK makes everything perfect. Hope you also enjoyed the paneer cigar rolls she hadposted for you.I am still waiting for mine. :D.

  5. Woww.. mouth watering perugu pachadi.. chala bagunnayi siri mee recipes.. nice shots too :)

  6. I cant live without yogurt either! i know that craving! love the okra thayir pachadi!

  7. Those are some yum and cooling raitas. Okra raita is very new for me.

  8. if my body is not singing the way I want, I must have deprived it from yogurt. Okra raitha sounds like an idea.

  9. Very inviting and tempting raitas....lovely dishes..

  10. Really love these refreshing raitas! Thanks for sending them over.

  11. great idea..and really mouthwatering..

  12. The first picture is really nice. :)

  13. In the mint raita use rock salt or pink sanchal instead of plain salt. Adds a lovely flavour missing in plain salt.


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