September 9, 2013

[VeganMoFo 2013] Sprouted Moong Dal and Babycorn Salad Recipe

I am well known in my household as the one who gets excited for tiniest things in life and let me tell you, sprouting beans is one of them. Yes, it needs time and little patience. But the joy to see tiny shoots at the end of the third day is just beyond words!

Sprouts in general symbolize healthy eating and they are termed as such for a very good reason. These are high in fiber and have complex carbs which are considered very good for us. Popular studies also say sprouting increases vitamin C content from 4 to 20 times and riboflavin from 3 to 4 times. Aren't these reasons good enough to start a batch of beans to sprout and try to include these at least once a week in our diet.

The most popular way to eat sprouts is in salads and today's recipe will give you a combination that is usually not made - Sprouts with Baby Corn, served warm. Added to it is an onion for crunch and tomato for tartness. The dressing is as simple as - lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. I have intentionally kept the rest of the ingredients basic to let the taste of sprouts and baby corn to shine through. Serve it as a side dish or snack on it when hungry. Enjoy!

Sprouted Moong Dal and Babycorn Salad

Serves 2 to 3
Prep Time: 2 days for sprouts
Cook Time: 20 to 25 mins


1 cup sprouted moong dal
5 to 6 baby corn
1 small onion, chopped
1 small tomato, chopped
3 tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper to taste
juice of 1/2 lemon (or more)

How to sprout moong dal (or any legume): Wash and soak moong dal in fresh water for 1 day. Drain and place them in a glass jar or a bowl. Sprinkle some water and cover with damp cloth. Leave it in a warm place and occasionally sprinkle some water for moisture. The sprouts should start to shoot up on Day 3.


1. Cut baby corn into pieces and boil for 4 to 5 mins. Turn off and cover for 5 mins. Drain water.

2. Heat a tbsp of olive oil and add boiled baby corn. Cook for few minutes until they are slightly charred at the edges. Add moong dal sprouts and mix well. Cover and cook for 2 minutes and turn off heat. Add chopped onion, tomato, salt, pepper and rest of the olive oil. Toss everything together. Finally add lemon juice and serve warm.

Optionally one can add finely chopped green chilli for some heat, herbs for freshness and grated carrot for sweetness.

This is Recipe 57 added to 2013 Recipe Archive. Check out the rest of the recipes too.


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  1. I love sprouted moong. I usually make masala saaru with sprouted moong...

    Kamat yatrinivas is a popular restaurant in Karnataka. They usually serve sprouted moong dal salad or gravy with Thalis. Sprouted moong dal dishes in Kamat yatrinivas taste awesome!

    I hope you try it sometime!

  2. A very healthy salad with sprouted moong. Good click dear.

    on-going event: healthy breakfast


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