July 14, 2013

Weekend Herb Blogging # 393 - an event announcement

am super thrilled to announce that its my turn to guest host Weekend Herb Blogging this week, yet again. The whole concept of WHB is to introduce a whole new gamut of recipes where plants/fruits/vegetables/herbs are the real star. Kudos to both Haalo of Cook (almost) Anything at Least Once for organizing it each week and Kalyn, who originally conceptualized this event many years ago!

Please join me in cooking and celebrating the natural goodness a variety of seasonal produce all through this week.

Below are some simple rules of participation: (from Haalo's post)

1. Entries to Weekend Herb Blogging must be posts written specifically for Weekend Herb Blogging. This means they cannot be cross-posted in other events. Photos used in the posts however can be submitted to photo events like DMBLGIT.

2. Weekend Herb Blogging entries should have the goal of helping people learn about cooking with herbs or plant ingredients. Only two types of entries will be accepted -

* Recipe posts where a herb or plant ingredient is one of the primary ingredients in the recipe
* Informative posts that spotlight one herb or plant ingredient, particularly including information about how they are used in cooking. Naturally, posts can be a combination of both these criteria.

3. Posts must contain the phrase Weekend Herb Blogging with a link to this announcement post and Haalo's original WHB post.

4. Send in your entries to info(dot)siri(at)gmail (dot) com with subject "WHB" with following information. If you don't receive an acknowledgement for 48 hrs of your submission, please feel free to ping me by commenting on this post as sometimes email communications get lost.

Your Name
Your Blog Name/URL
Your Post URL
Your Location (will not be published)
Attach a photo (any size)

6. All the entries will be featured as they are received on Cooking With Siri Facebook page.

7. I will accept entries posted from now to till July 21st 2013. 11pm Sunday - Indian Standard Time/ 3pm Sunday - Utah Time/ 10pm Sunday - London Time/ 9am Monday - Melbourne (Aus) adjusted for daylight savings time. You can use this converter to find out the corresponding time in your location.  No late or previously published entries please. Roundup will be published by Monday, July 22nd midnight (IST).

Check out previous editions of WHB roundups -

Weekend Herb Blogging # 159 Roundup [2008]
Weekend Herb Blogging # 352 Roundup [2012]

Happy Cooking!


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