November 24, 2008

Weekend Herb Blogging (WHB) # 159 Roundup

Hosting Weekend Herb Blogging was my long lasting wish, which became a reality this week. I received some yummy entries from every part of the globe and I wanna Congratulate Kalyn for successfully running this event for 3 successful years..:)) and now the baton is passed to lovely Haalo.

Without further ado, lets dig into this week's recipes...

Note: the entries are arranged in no specific order.

Name: Cheryl
Location: VA, USA
Recipe: Harvest Apple crisp

Name: Jerry
Location: Canada
Recipe: Balsamic Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta

Name: Cinzia
Location: Italy
Recipe: Biological dishwashing liquid

Name: Kalyn
Recipe: Pressure Cooker Vegetable Soup with Giant White Beans, Ham, and Bay Leaves

Name: Pam
Location: Australia
Recipe: Basil French Toast

Name: Virginie
Location: France
Recipe: Cocoa & Red Wine Biscuits

Name: Haalo
Location: Australia
Recipe: Blood Orange and Black Radish Salad

Name: Laurie
Location: Alaska
Recipe: Pork and Quince Stew

Name: Yasmeen
Location: USA
Recipe: Veggie Sprouts Noodles

Name: Heather
Recipe: Zirbenz Pine Liqueur

Name: Haley
Location: USA
Recipe: Conchiglie al Pomodoro

Name: Anna
Location: Australia
Recipe: Oysters with Horseradish & Parmesan

Name: Susan
Location: USA
Recipe: Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Pears

Name: Gay
Location: Philippines
Recipe: Thai Fried Rice

Name: Maria
Location: Greece
Recipe: All about Pumpkin

Name: Lisa
Location: Canada
Recipe: Chickpea Pumpkin Burgers

Name: Ning
Location: Philippines
Recipe: Oyster and Spinach Stir Fry

Name: Marija
Location: Serbia
Recipe: Herbed Chicken Skewers

and finally my entry to this week's WHB....

Baked Eggs with Vegetables (Adapted from here)


2 cups of Veggies: I used coarsely chopped - yellow squash, zucchini, string beans, carrots, bell peppers, tomato, onion
2 eggs
1 clove of garlic, very finely chopped
1-2 tbsp Olive oil
Salt & Pepper
fresh Coriander


1. Preheat oven for 375 deg.

2. In a mixing bowl, mix veggies with garlic and olive oil. Then season with salt & pepper. Transfer the contents in an oven-proof dish and bake for 10-15 mins.

3. When the veggies and almost cooked, slip the eggs over them and again bake them for 5-15 mins, until the yolk is cooked.

4. Serve. We had this, as-is as a one pot meal one night and it was definitely a refreshing change for us, especially when we were bored of rice or roti for our dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving folks!



  1. Siri, you did a great job on the roundup! There are so many wonderful recipes, including yours which looks very very tasty - roasted vegetables are my favorite, and what a great idea to top the with an egg. Thanks for your hard work in putting this together!

  2. Lovely roundup. Thanks, Siri!

  3. Great job on this, and so many interesting entries this time. I am always amazed at the creative things people come up with!

  4. I love the roasted veggies with egg! Healthy and easy to prepare! My kind of recipe! :) Thanks for the lovely round-up!

  5. Thanks for this beautiful round'up !

  6. Beautiful photos! I really like your blog.

  7. Great roundup Siri, everything here looks very inviting..

  8. Thank you for hosting Siri - another wonderful display!

  9. Siri,
    OH! I have missed the bus this time LOL..
    anyways ,its good to see so many good recipes .Great job done here ..
    hugs and smiles

  10. OMG Siri...seriously I didn't know you hosted it!..haven't been able to blog hop for a week and you went and hosted this and never told us too!!!...:(...

    anyway thats an awesome roundup and really wonderful that you managed to do such a good job though not keeping well!

  11. Delicious round up,thanks siri:)

  12. Great round-up!!!


  13. What an appealing assortment of dishes. They look wonderful!


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