March 13, 2012

Cointreau Rendevous Prive

From past few weeks, things are a little lull at my end. The Fund Drive has taken a major part of my time and over that my hectic work schedule is keeping me pretty busy with no time for my camera. Sadly nothing new is cooking as well. It is the same rice & dal for lunch and roti & curry for dinner. Hopefully I will get my mojo back and will dish up something for you guys.

Image Credit: Cointreau
When I heard about Cointreau Rendevous Prive,  I thought its as enticing as it sounded.

Cointreau Rendez-vous PrivĂ© is a stylish and private cocktail evening which can be hosted in your home by professional Cointreau mixologist. It is an opportunity to surprise your guests with an intimate and convivial atmosphere made for, and by trained barman of Cointreau Rendez-vous PrivĂ©, with everyone enjoying connecting around Cointreau cocktails. With everything on hand to create a pop-up cocktail party. It is something that has recently been launched in India and is available in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore & Hyderabad. If you wish to host such a party, get in touch with Cointreau guys at Click here for more information.

Now, you would be wondering what to make for the cocktail party, if you host one. Don't worry I have got that covered for you.

Previously blogged Cointreau cocktails and recipes are below. Click away and make these easy concoctions for an enjoyable cocktail party. You see, that's how the conversations and good times happen. ;-)

Cointreau DiabolicRecipe here. 

Cosmopolitan - Recipe here

Margarita - Recipe here

Cointreaupolitan - Recipe here


On an another happy note, Pavithra of Dishes From My Kitchen won a 50 mm f 1/8 Canon EF lens as a raffle prize for the Fund Drive. I am sure she will make the best use of it. Congratulations again Pavi. The lens is on it way and should reach you soon. :-)

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  1. Wow I luv theose shots of the drink,..very nicely taken,.


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