March 27, 2012

Black and White Wednesday: Stone Mortar and Pestle


There is a hidden charm in pounding spices in our old stone mortar and pestle. My mother still uses it in her kitchen and whenever she does, it reconnects with my true roots and traditions. I somehow feel any spice paste made in this tastes better and is more flavorful than a food processor. All the latter does is make a million pieces of whatever thrown in it. With grinding in a mortar and pestle, it releases fragrant oils and smells which makes the cooking process even more memorable and enjoyable.

..definitely a must have in every kitchen. :-)

Posted for Susan's Black and White Wednesdays.


  1. I have been looking for that one for long now..Will have to get it when I go back to India :) I completely agree that any paste tastes and smells much better with a mortar and pestle!

  2. This awesome pic makes me so nostalgic, i had seen people who still use the mortar and pestle for its natural flavor deliverance and true purpose.

  3. lovely click yaaa! I love all the kitchen utensils from my ammamma's kitchen. old time charm indeed :)

  4. lovely click yaaa! old time charm indeed!

  5. That pic is so symbolic of Indian cooking just looking at makes me miss India!!


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