August 23, 2011

Black and White Wednesday: Wholegrain goodness

Brown Rice

When all three parts of the grain are in tact, including the fibre-rich outer layer &  nutrient-packed germ, that is a "Wholegrain". A diet rich in whole grains provides us a good source of fiber, reduces the risk of disease and its unique complex carbs gives us immunity. Try to incorporate more of these your daily menu planning. Will ya? :-)

Some previously blogged about recipes using Wholegrains -

Barley Lentil Chunky Soup
Buckwheat Pancakes
Brown Rice and 16 bean Adai
Perfectly Baked Brown Rice (Alton Brown's recipe)
Brown Rice Bisibelebath
Brown Rice for Dinner - A Roundup
Idlis with Wholegrains

Posted for Black & White Wednesdays.



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