August 8, 2011

Siri's Eat Outs | Restaurant Visits: Jalpaan, Bangalore

Note: This is not a paid-promotion. All the views and opinions expressed in this post are my own and does not represent the restaurant in any manner..

It has been on our minds to do Bangalore restaurant reviews since I have moved back here. Finally, we took the plunge and chose Jalpaan to be our first outing.

Located in busy Jayanagar 7th block, Jalpaan is a cosy little place which serves Indian, Italian and some Oriental fare. We went for a Sunday afternoon lunch and the place was almost packed with hungry diners. With some beautiful beaded drapes and carved headboards separate seating nooks, the place looked nice and well ventilated. Here is a glimpse of the table where we were seated -

Now, lets jump into the food part. Shall we? The one thing Jalpaan is very famous for is - its bubbling pot of goodness "Cheese Fondue". Mads tasted this before and gave a big thumbs-up. Since then, I was so eager to have it myself and Oh boy! it was an amazing experience.

...what's not to love about - cheese, herbs and that too set low on a burner so that you can slowly melt into its gooey-goodness. It is available in two flavors - The Original and Fondue Margherita

We ordered Fondue Margherita and here is a short description what it is -

Classic cheese fondue mixed with Italian herbs, ground sun-dried tomatoes & pesto served with grilled foccacia croutons, skin-on potato wedges, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, mushrooms & peas tossed with Italian herb sauce.

Now, isn't the description by itself is mouth watering. Trust me, the entire, elaborative set up which costs INR 399 was truly a treat to our senses. It easily serves two people and I am sure you will fight for that last spoonful of herb cheese lurking at the very bottom. A high probability for a Fondue-Fork-War might happen. :-).

Grilled Focaccia Croutons and Potato Wedges, ready to be dipped into the cheese fondue

Broccoli, Carrots, Cherry Tomatoes coated with one of the best pesto sauces I ever had!

Though we were already full by the cheese fondue, we were determined to taste more. Just one dish is not enough to rate a restaurant. Isn't it.

California Quesadilla
We moved on and ordered a California Quesadilla. Stuffed with red, green and yellow peppers, onions and zucchini, it tasted yum. :D Served with a relish and sour cream on the side, which tasted more like hung-curd to me.

Peppers, Onions and Cheese - California Quesadilla
Dish # 3 was a Fried Chilli Baby Corn lightly coated with sesame seeds. The latter provided a nice crunch to the appetizer and amdist of all our chatter, it was gone in minutes.

Fried Chilli Babycorn coated with sesame seeds
Their menu was quite long with many choices covering across 3 cuisines. As we were not able to decide what to try next, we asked the manager to send in their best signature dishes, the ones it is hard to get anywhere else.

Hence came "Potli Biryani"...

Potli Biryani
Doesn't the dish look super cute and fancy. It is like a laddle-full of biryani stuffed in a poori. ;-). It was quite impressive how the waiter chopped off the top of this potli and served us the biryani inside. But, it tasted too tomato-ey for us. All we could taste is just the tomato flavor mixed in with rice & some spices.

As the wise say - "All things potlis that look good, doesn't necessarily have to taste good".

Sizzler Dum Aloo Makai Biryani with Raita
But the saying doesn't go well with all the dishes, I must say. Lets talk about this Sizzler Dum Aloo Makai Biryani for a second. It truly looks colorful and tastes even better than that. Served with some mixed raita, it was moderately spicy. Having tasted many hyderabadi biryanis before, this definitely gets a big nod from my side.

If the folks of Jalpaan are reading this - We have a little feedback for you. Wrap this sizzler biryani into that potli above. I am pretty much sure, it will be a winner and that's when a true justice to potli is done ;-)!

Lal Mirch Ka Paratha
When tasted as-is, this Lal Mirch Ka Paratha, is just like as the name suggests - chilli powder rolled into a paratha. If you are ordering this, I would strongly recommend to go with a milder side-dish like daal tadka to compensate for the spiciness in the paratha.

Jantar Mantar
Jantar-Mantar was the next that we tasted and sadly it was too oily for me. Not a great pairing with the lal mirch paratha either. All I can say is - it tastes like many other mixed vegetable dry curries that we get out there but I like the pomegranate seeds topping.

Life is uncertain.  Eat dessert first. ~ Ernestine Ulmer

...but we saved the best for the last. Litchi Ki Teheri, with its payasam-like-consistency and topped with chopped nuts was out-of-this-world. Definitely, there couldn't be a better ending than this. A must try :D

Litchi Ki Teheri
After tasting so much food, we would definitely need some of these - ;-)

My Recommendations: Fondue Margherita, Sizzler Dum Aloo Makai Biryani, Litchi Ki Teheri

Jalpaan Details:

Address:  # 539-49, 9th Cross, 7th Block, KanakaPura Road, Jayanagar, Bangalore - 82
Phone No: +91-80-26761992
Cuisine: Italian, Oriental, India
Service: Good
Cards Accepted: Yes
Vegetarian Menu; Home Delivery & Dine In Facility Available.

I hope you enjoyed touring and tasting Jalpaan as we much I did. I would highly recommend to give Jalpaan a try and if you do, I would love to know how your experience was...

until next time,


  1. Wonderful post Siri and a well-written review. Loved all your pics.

  2. Beautifully done review. I myself do restaurant reviews on my blog for the restaurants in Bahrain ( that is where I live now)

    ALl the food looks great. If I ever visit bangalore, I'd know where to head to for a great meal.

  3. Hello Siri, The pics are so good, i am tempted to make a visit to Bangalore. Didn't know cheese fondue was being served here in India. And your review is very well written. Also liked your cornmeal orange cookies. I am in love with orange in baking. Planning to try it out

  4. WOW! Siri, You did a great job but how do you eat all of this. Can you really judge the latter dishes when you no longer have an appetite? The photos are great! I would definately drive from Coxtown to experience this place!:)

  5. Thanks Rads :D

    Great to hear that you do restaurant reviews as well Anita. This is my first attempt and loved every bit of it. If you are here in Bangalore, do drop me a line. Would love to meet you in person :-)

    Thanks La. Bangalore is a fun place to be and you should come here atleast once. You will find almost every cuisine here - from Mexican to Italian to Mediterrenean.

    LOL! Dianne, I have a partner-in-crime who shared with me and rest was packed to take home. Would you believe we were in the restaurant for almost 4 hours slowly tasting each of them. Thanks for your comments on the photos :D

  6. Loved the bright color of the Chilli Paratha.
    Very useful review.Thank you.

  7. good know the review of restaurants along with the photograph...i loved California Quesadilla along with onion n chilli flacks salad(i guess)...but u didn't mention the rates of these's better to know the rates i wright....but u've done a g8 job...claps

  8. Hi Siri,

    That was a really nice review. Keep them coming!!!


  9. drools yo! all of it looks mouthwatering good! no place like India for fusion cuisines will make notes to visit next time we are there! wonderful and detailed review - thank you!


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