January 17, 2011

Brown Rice and 16 bean Adai

A simple 4-step process and there you have an incredibly delicious and nutritious breakfast for you & your family. The batter can be make-ahead of time on that leisure Sunday evening and the following week, you don't have to worry about - "What to eat for breakfast?" question. I bet, the batter wouldn't stay for long, so prepare yourself to soak the next batch, almost immediately just like I do. :-)

[Update] - the 16 bean soup mix has following beans -

  • Northern
  • Pinto
  • Blackeye
  • Garbanzo
  • Kidney
  • Baby Lima
  • Green Split Pea
  • Cranberry Bean
  • Small White
  • Pink Bean
  • Small Red
  • Navy
  • White Kidney
  • Pearl Barley
  • Black Bean
  • Large Lima

Brown Rice and 16 bean Adai

my morning breakfast - brown rice & 16 bean adai served with peanut chuntey & hot tea.

Adapted from Saffron Hut.

Ingredients needed -

1 cup 16 bean soup mix (which can be found in almost every grocery store - in the dried beans aisle)
1 cup brown rice
1/2 cup urad dal
2-3 red chillies
1 tsp of minced ginger
1 green chilli
1/2 cup of chopped onions
1/4 cup fresh cilantro, chopped
a pinch of asafoetida
salt - to taste
few curry leaves

Preparation -

1. Soak overnight, separately - 16 bean mix, brown rice, (urad dal + red chillies)

2. Drain the soaking water into a separate bowl and grind to a coarse paste, add one by one after short intervals - (16 beans , brown rice, urad dal with red chillies, little soaking water).  

3. To the ground bean-rice-dal paste - add chopped onions, minced ginger, green chillies, cilantro, asafoetida, salt and curry leaves. Keep aside for 10-15 mins (skip this if you are in a hurry).

4. If you are ready to use it right away, heat a little oil on a non-stick pan, laddle a scoop of adai batter in the center and spread evenly into a dosa. Cook until golden brown on both sides and Serve with some chutney.

Note - For a later use, store in a air-tight container and refrigerate. Stays good for atleast a week.

Bhuvana, this is for you. :-)

[Update] - sending this the event I am guest hosting "WWC: Brown Rice" originally conceptualized by Sanjeeta .

until next time,


  1. Looks good.. Where do you get the 16 bean mix and whats in it? Very nutritious breakfast.

  2. 16 beans..wow! That's one good looking Adai :)

  3. That a healthy, beany & grainy breakfast to start a day with a bang!

  4. Adai is looking awesome and I would love to dip one in this yummy peanut chutney!

  5. I made adai but with very regular daals. Now I will make them with most of these beans.

  6. Geetha - I have updated the post for you with the list of all 16 beans soup mix. Every grocery store will have it in the dried beans section.

    Namratha - Thanks dear. It tastes good too. :-)

  7. Sanjeeta, Prathibha - Thanks dearies for dropping by.

    Vanessa - Oooo, with that chutney, the adai tastes even better.

    Archana - Do give this a try Archu. You will be hooked. :-)

  8. healthy and yummy dosa...love this anytime!!

  9. That's sooooooooooooo lovely of you...thank you for posting it for me :))))) Will definitely try it and post my "version" of the same ;)

  10. Thanks for updating your post Siri. I will definitely try this one :)

  11. Wow Siri...so you opened 16+1 jars for this breakfast - thats truly energy filled inspired snack.

  12. Swapna - Thank dearie.

    Bhuvana - Anytime. Hope you win that contest. :-)

    Geetha - Chala easy gane dorukutundi. Try this when get some.

    Prathibha - LOL. truly energy filled breakfast or lunch or dinner item. :-).

  13. siri, first of all sorry for not posting a reply imd... i came 2nd in the contest.. made steamed jowar and ragi balls. couldn't find enough of the ingredients u had listed in 16 bean adai :(

  14. Congratulations Bhuvana. I am sure the jowar and ragi balls would have tasted yum. :P


  15. Oh wow.. 16 beans.. all that protein and nutrients from all the beans.. a totally wholesome breakfast for sure! lovely clicks too!
    Richa @ Hobby And More Food Blog
    Hobby And More on Facebook

  16. Thanks Siri for sharing. I will definitely prepare my own and post my own version of your winning piece

  17. Siri! This recipe was awesome. Loved it!


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