August 30, 2010

YRTML IV - Vegetable Biryani & Mango Banana Smoothie

Vegetable Biryani by Nags of Edible Garden (Click here for the recipe)

Who doesn't crave for a delicious biryani with a spicy paneer side dish as their dinner. Probably not every singe day, but think about those special occasions or those lazy sunday afternoons with a tiny little caveat - without spending much time in the kitchen. For all of those, Nags's Vegetable Biryani is the answer. The best part, it can be made in pressure cooker. And the spice paste is the absolute highlight. Sorry, the pic is not doing any justice to how good it tastes. :).

Mango- Banana Smoothie by DK of Chef In You (Click here for the recipe)

Summer is almost over and so is an end to our mango-fetish!. Let's say adieu to the beloved summer with a quicky yet delicious smoothie, Shall we?...all those ripened bananas over your stove top counter, blend them all with that last mango-bounty with a tiny hint of orange juice to enjoy this delectable smoothie. Top them with fancy chia seeds like she did or some raisins like I did, walk into that sunny balcony one last time, spread our your legs onto a comfortable chair, pick up a book and let yourself soaked in. :). Happy last few days of summer to all of you.

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  1. Cool recipes! I have updated my blog with the win frm MLLA.

  2. looks yum,,.cant cee the biryani pic,.;-(

  3. i cant see the pic of the biryani siri :(

    u know the funny part, i was clicking in thinking i will check what this version will look like and then realised its mine :D *blush*

  4. Can you guys see the biryani pic now?

    Nags - LOL! It happened to me too, once on your blog when you are rounding up under 15 min dishes or something :)


  5. mouthwatering biryani n smooth smoothie


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