August 8, 2010

My Legume Love Affair 25 Roundup [Part 2] and the winner is...

As promised, here I present to you Part 2 of the event My Legume Love Affair 25, which was hosted here at my blog all of last month.

Please note I have tried my best to include each and every entry I received, but in any case  if I have missed to include yours (due to sheer volume and my limited availability of time), please leave a comment with the URL, I will add it immediately .Thanks.

..and for the fun part - to know who the winner is , you need to reach the end of the post..:)

Click here for Part 1 of the MLLA 25 roundup.

[Left to Right: Clockwise]

1. Field Bean Thavala Adai by  Veena
2. Sprouted Chickpea Bread by Umm Mymoonah
3. Sprouted Moong & Oats Kunukku by Priya
4. Sprouted Kala Channa & Kasuri methi Rice by Priya
5. Sprouted Black Channa and Okra Masala by Nithu Bala
6. Sambar Rice in Microwave by Srivalli
7. Sprouted Moong and Bulgur wheat salad by Priya
8. Rosemary Dal by The Cooker
9. Multigrain Porridge by Padhu

10. Pesarattu dosa by Sowji
11. Yellow Mung Dal in Microwave by Srivalli
12. Parippu Curry by Fajeeda
13. Tomato Pappu by Suma
14. Panchmel Dal by The Veggie Hut
15. Basic Masoor Dal by Divya Vikram
16. Oats Sago moong bean dosa by Sangeetha
17. Lentils in mustard gravy by Vanessa
18. Spicy moong dal soup/curry by Mythreyee

19. How to sprout Moong Beans by Renu
20. Ankurit Beej aur Methi Ki Sabzi  by Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal
21. Milagu Vadai by Lata Raja
22. Long Beans and Field Bean Poriyal by Nithu Bala
23. Lettuce Wrap with Sprouts Salad by SS
24. Lentil-Paprika Tart by Reshmi Ahmed
25. Kali Tori Ghashi by Aparna
26. Horse Gram Idly by Nithu Bala
27. Kale Chane Ki Chhole - काले चने के छोले by Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal

28. Idlis by Abbhirami Rajagopal
29. Sprouted Whole Moth Dry Subzi by Nivedita
30. Surti Paapdi by Nivedita
31. Pizza with Beans by Anu Menon
32. Musabbaha -Whole Chickpea Hummus Syrian Style by Sweatha
33. Spicy Soyachunks Pulao by Chaitra
34. Urad dal Chutney by Anu Menon
35. Chickpeas-Corn-Rajma Wrap by Swarna
36. Carrot, Barley & Quinoa Paruppu Adai by Priya

37. Cabbage Channa Dal Stir-Fry by Lissie
38. Tex-Mex Black Bean Burger by Deepti Sidana
39. Ashok Halwa by Priti
40. Ankurit Beejon Ki Khichdi  by Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal
41. Sprouted mung and ragi adai by Sayantani
42. Gujarat Osaman Dal by Swapna
43. Spinach Sweet corn kootu by Sangeeta
44. Lentil Cabbage Stir Fry by Swapna
45. Sprouts Pulav by Kalyani

46. Mashed Amaranth (Keerai Masial) by Siri
47. Broccoli - Snake Gourd stir fry with Black Channa by Latha
48. Simple Brown Lentil by Kalyani
49. Slow cooker Chole by Kalyani
50. Hilbeh, Yemeni fenugreek & coriander chutney by Vanessa
51. Hearty Harvest St-oup by Deepti Sidana
52. Moong Dal sambar by Pavani
53. Chickpea and Sweet Potato Soup by Heather
54. Veggie and Beans Taco by Priyadarshini

55. Mixed Lentil Adai by Shabitha
56. Makhani Dal by Siri

..and the winner is - Number 39

and that is - Aparna of Apy Cooking. Her entry was - Kali Tori Ghashi.

Congratulations Aparna. I will take the liberty of forwarding your email address to Susan and she will contact you regarding the prize.

Once again, I thank one & all for participating in this edition of MLLA and for making it such a huge success!! :).

What's next: Simona of Briciole has announced MLLA 26, and will be hosting for August. Head over to her blog for the announcement and send her all of your yummy legume creations.

until next time,


  1. Hi Siri,
    Great roundup
    Waiting for the next one :-)

  2. Wow, what a wonderful roundup dear. I am amazed at how every MLLA , we have new and more delicious recipes.

  3. Nivedita - Thanks. But this is the last one.

    Priya - Thanks Priya. the variety is indeed awesome.

  4. lovely round up, congrats to the winner

  5. Awesome roundup!

    and Thanks!! I'm usually never lucky when it comes to contests where the winner is picked randomly, so this definitely made me happy!!
    Thanks fr yr email. Looking forward to hearing from Susan.

  6. Of course, I was the 1st one who sent you off my mung-dal entry. But, I think you've skipped my entry and possible consequence.

  7. Congratulations Aparna. That is a neat roundup Siri. Milagu Vadai and Slow cooker chole is something I would love to try.


  8. Sonia - Your 'Mung Dal' entry was included in Part 1 of MLLA 25 roundup. (Collage No.2)


  9. Love the round up and CONGRATS to the winner.

  10. Thank you very much, Siri, for this round-up. The mosaics are very stylish. I know you worked very hard on organizing all of these amazing recipes. It is truly appreciated. : }

  11. oh my! that's quite a spread :)

  12. Fantabulous roundups !! Looks awesome !!



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