August 7, 2010

My Legume Love Affair 25 Roundup [Part 1]

Its a Legume party where everybody was invited last month and you guys just R.O.C.K.E.D it! I have got around 100 entries, so the roundup will be a two-part series. Part 2 of the roundup and the winner will be posted tomorrow. Stay tuned. Thank you Susan for the opportunity to guest host such a wonderful event.

But for now, enjoy the first 42 of them which are equally delectable and innovative. Dig in....

[Left to Right: Clockwise]

1. Instant Chickpea Flour Hummus by Susan
2. Mesir Wat (Ethiopian Lentil Stew) by Susan
3. Cumin flavored Peanut & Tomato Rice by Soma
4. Vegetarian Three Bean Chili with a Cashew Pistachio Sauce by Lisa
5. Vegetable masala rice/Vegetable spicy fried rice by Swathi
6. Vegan stuffed peppers by S
7. Southwest Bean Salad by Carla and Michael
8. Boiled Peanut Salad by Neha
9. Potato Peas Kurma by Srividhya

10. Kadalai Parupu Mango Thuval by Srividhya
11. Honey Roasted Cashew nuts by Srividhya
12. Mung Dal by Sonia
13. How to sprout Moth beans by DK
14. Godi Moong Beans Curry by Mrudula
15. Mixed Beans Gravy by Padhu
16. Mixed Sprouts and Barley Powder by Krishnaveni
17. Fenugreek Sprouts Chutney by Krishnaveni
18. Kollu Kadaiyal by PJ

19. Spiced Lentil stuffed in Banana peppers by Preeti
20. Sprouted Horse gram Korma by Denny
21. Chekka Idly (Healthy Crispy Lentil Wedges) by Kalva
22. Dal Makhani by Deepti
23. Matki Usal by Sanyukta
24. Beetroot Lentil Curry by Sanyukta
25. Vegetable Lentil Savory Cake by Sanyukta
26. Beet-Lentil Stir Fry by Sanyukta
27. Ridge gourd-Split Chickpea curry (Turai-Chana Dal) by Sanyukta

28. Stuffed and Roasted Indian Bittergourd (Bharwa Karela Fry) by Sanyukta
29. Gobi - Besan Vadi (Cabbage-Chickpea Flour Steamed Savory Cake) by Sanyukta
30. Masala Khichdi (Spiced Lentils and Rice) by Sanyukta
31. Lentil Tacos by Esra
32. Moong Sprouts Salad by Prathibha
33. Dermason Beans by Esra
34. Apricot-glazed Tofu with Rice and Bok Choy by Janet
35. Chickpeas Romesco by Janet
36. Paruppu Urundai Kuzhambu (Lentil Kofta Gravy) by Niloufer

37. Matki Pulao by DK
38. Punjabi Rajma Chawal by DK
39. Pumpkin dal curry by Akheela
40. Carrot Khichdi by Priti
41. Black Bean Burgers by Claire
42. Peanut Snack by Sra

until tomorrow,


  1. Wow, 100!!! Thanks so much for hosting this are rockin' the round-up! Everything looks so good, I don't know where to begin =)

  2. HI Siri,
    Lovely round up!
    Waiting for the second round.

  3. phew! Must have been quite a task, rounding up the dishes! Me waiting fr part 2!

  4. awesome siri...u did a wonderful job..100 entries...congrats for the huge success to u n susan...wonderful.loved to a part of it..waiting for the yummy n delicious second roundup of mlla25...

  5. Awesome roundup Siri.Waiting for part 2..

  6. wonderful round up Dear..around 100 entries is something...every dish is healthy and yummy..

  7. Thank you all. I am glad you liked the roundup. I hope you would try some of these yummy dishes and give a feedback to the creators!. :)


  8. wow, A century!!, that's amazing!, Girl you r' rocking, What a Healthy round up, I think the way I go with my blogging I need 2 to 3 months to check out all the recipes.., and to try them out! O' MY GOD!, when am I going to do it..., hats of to your patience :))

  9. I am late I know. I am going to go over the recipes in both the parts now. MLLA is my all time favorite round ups!



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