June 18, 2010

Pantry Cleanup: Day 2: Bachelor Tadka

Bhags's Bachelor Tadka

For recipe: Click here.

Bachelor Tadka - Every one us must have made this dish at some point in his/her bachelor life. C'mon, when you see a recipe which calls for 4-5 times of water, it is definitely being done in one those dorm rooms where there are a bunch hungry young men & women!! ;). This dish brings back so many memories when S was doing his masters. He & his roomies would put oodles of water into any side dish (subzi or dal), just to increase its volume. He, sometimes does that now, out of habit where I have to come running to stop him from doing so! With hot rice and a dollop of ghee or butter, it feels like there is no such bliss in the world. :D

Sending this dish to Nupur's BB4: What's Lurking in the Kitchen event. :D

Happy weekend everybody.

until tomorrow,


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