June 17, 2010

Pantry Cleanup: Day 1 - Adai

10 more days to go, for me to say good-bye to DC and say hello to sunny California. So, I am full-on on a pantry clean-up mode as it is next to impossible to ship all of my pantry staples. From today on, I am sorry to say - am gonna spam your readers with recipes - mostly from my amazing blogger chefs and some whipped up from the spur of the moment. :) :) Like a maniac, I am aiming to search for recipes with the stuff I have right now - so that by next Saturday, I can empty most of my pantry stuff. Hence the tag - Pantry Cleanup.

Ashaji's Multi Dal Adai

For the recipe: Click here.

I have like 6 types of dal stored in containers right now. - from split urad dal to mung dal, you ask and it right there peering at me sadly - to be used! and Adai is one of best ways to mix them all and use up. The best part of Ashaji's recipe - it calls for brown rice instead of rice...and once everything is ground with some buttermilk and cumin - it tasted so yum that "No one could eat just One!". ;) ;).

Thank you Ashaji for such a fabulous recipe and your blog is indeed like a treasure chest full of many amazing & homey dishes. :) :). Hope you are having a great sunny summer vacation. :)

[Edit]: Sending all of my pantry cleanup posts to Nupur's BB4: What's Lurking in the Kitchen event. :D Thank you Jaya for reminding me. :)

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  1. I make adais to use up all the leftover dals too. Will have to start my pantry cleaning before our India trip soon :) Welcome to CA Siri :)

  2. always love adais...clean up or no clean up!! :) nice clicks

  3. I don't know who Ahsaji is but I got to check now. The adai looks awesome. Haven't made any in a long time. Will check out this recipe.

    Send all your pantry clean up posts to Nupur's What's Lurking In the Kitchen, if you do that sort of thing (I mean sending entrees to events). Another blogger friend does not do it, no matter what.

  4. Oh, you meant Asha of Foodie's Hope. I forget how much younger you are than us. :)

  5. mmm. those adais looks so delicious Siri! nice idea of panty cleaning. Btw, welcome to CA :)

  6. Adai is the best dish to make when u are want to clear all those dhals.Looks yum and healthy too...

  7. Looks delicious- thanks for the entry!

    Funny thing is I made adai too, to finish up dals, with brown rice just like you did.

    Good luck on the move to CA- how exciting for you!

  8. Adais looks yummy...nice idea and good recipe

  9. Yummy looking adais....Nice idea to use all the left over dals..... Loved the idea of using brown rice. YUM!

  10. nice nice super nice...me like!

  11. welcome to CA siri...i m in LA..moved last yr from bay area...SFO...all the best with ur move...CA is a bful state...u wil def njoy ur stay here...
    the adai looks delicious..i do the same with leftover dals...yum yum

    lovely event-onion u hv started...hv send many entries to priya...and came to knw abt u.first time here...u have a lovely space...just started blogging..and love to add u in my list..
    ur comments/suggestions r highly appreciated..happy blogging...following u>>>>>>


  12. healthy and delicious looking adai..and good luck on the move to CA..

  13. I loved the caption below your blog name :). I am somehow like that :D. You have a lovely blog. Do visit my blog when you have time.


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