November 1, 2008

'Say Cheese' Roundup and a giveaway!

Today is the first day of Recipe Marathon 2, a brainchild of my dearest friend, Dhivya and I am all set to blog the entire month of November. There are 14 more enthusiastic blogger friends who have joined us this time and I hope we have loads of fun and some ever-lasting friendships during our journey...:)

..I would like to kick start RM 2 with a 'long due' roundup of MBP: Say Cheese and I apologize for the delay.

Finally, its done and I also have a surprise giveaway, which you would know about at the end of this post! Stay tuned...:)

Many thanks to these lovely ladies who sent their yummy creations to the event.:D

Dhivya: 'Cheese Baked Pasta Shells' from Frugalmom's blog.

Yasmeen: 'Lemon Ricotta Almond Cake' from Gluten-Free Bay blog.

Yasmeen: 'Cheese Apple Souffle' from Nami-Nami blog.

Uma: Bread Rolls from Medhaa's blog.

Sweatha: Cheesy Bell Pepper Rice from Mansi's Blog.

Sweatha: Cheese Pennies from Nupur's blog

Swati: Potato Cream Cheese Methi Parathas from Sunita's blog.

Swati: Palak Paneer from Sia's blog

Rachel: Cheese Scones from Cynthia's blog

Priti: Wholegrain Pancakes from Anita's blog

Lakshmi: Kalakhand from Sandeepa's and Cham's blog.

Tee: Microwave Kalakhand from Sandeepa's blog

Jayashree: Cheese Garlic Biscuit from Cham's blog.

Easy Crafts(EC): Cheese Dosa from Srivalli's blog.

Divya Vikram: Cheese stuffed Jalapenos from Food Workshop.

Divya Vikram: Spinach Cheese Swirls from Dhivya's blog.

Divya Kudua: Pizza from Shilpa's blog.

Cham: Kalakhand from Sandeepa's blog.

Bhagyashri: Tomato Herb & Cheese Bread from Mansi's blog.

Please do let me know if I missed any entry, would be more than glad to add to the list.

Now coming for the fun part:

A surprise giveaway for one participant who get maximum votes. Please see the left side bar, to vote for your favorite entry. The poll is open till November 4th 2008 6:00pm (EST).

The winner will be announced the very next day (November 5th 2008)!

Belated Halloween wishes to one and all.

Do check what are my fellow marathon runners are upto:

DK, Valli, Ranji, PJ, Curry Leaf, Medha, Priya, Bhawna, Raaji, Ruchii, Anu, Kamala, Roopa, Divya Kudua, Rekha, Divya, Lakshmi, Raaga

signing off,


  1. lovely start babes!!!all the entries look wonderful....dont know whom to vote for......will chk again and vote tomo :)...its nice to run the marathon with u!!!

  2. Lovely roundup Siri..Nice to run the marathon with you.

  3. yeheyehyeheyeeheyhe! Thats a cool roundup and the first thing i saw in the page was - I had long forgotten that I made it....I hope I mailed this out to you ;-) or did i?

    I sent out the updated Code links for RM # 2. Chk it out babes and put that one...:)


  4. Hey that is a cutr roundup Siri!

  5. Wow, what a cheesy roundup Siri! Well done!

  6. Cute Round Up,Surprised to see it.

  7. this is great Siri. nice roundup with fundu recipes. keep up :).

  8. sorry i didnt contribute to the cheese event! i fully intended to! even had a recipe ready!
    good to be running with you again!

  9. nice roundup of cheesy delights...

  10. I totally forgot this round-up. Wow, I am floating with cheese recipes :) Great job and Best of luck to the marathon !

  11. Thats a great round up Siri...good job!

  12. Nice round up, I love cheese and I missed this. Really nice to run the marathon with you.

  13. Lovely roundup. Good luck for the marathon

  14. Great round up Siri..and so good to run with you in the Marathon!!

  15. lovely round up and voted!cant wait to c who gets the giveaway!


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