August 24, 2008

MBP September : Say 'Cheese' and am an year old!

Welcome ppl. I have a reason to be the 'happiest blog' today! I came into this amazing food blogging world exactly an year back and with a modest number 170 posts and 50,000 profile visits....I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of my evolution...:) and wish to have many more in future!

Yours truly,
Siri's Corner (a.k.a Siri)

What better way would be to celebrate this special occasion of mine with a special event announcement.....a birthday bash cum MBP event and the theme is....................


Image Source: Flickr

"How can you be expected to govern a country that has 246 kinds of cheese?"

- Charles De Gaulle, former President of France.

My love for 'CHEESE' is so intense, that I would love to stay in such a country *wink*. No wonder I chose this as the next theme of MBP September.


......Lets 'Say Cheese!' all of next month!..:)

No matter how far archaeological findings go, there is evidence that cheese came into being in prehistoric times and ..this delicious food must have resulted from the simple observation that milk left in a container ends up by coagulating, even more if it is hot...:)

...There are hundreds of different types of cheese that can be differentiated both by the type of milk - raw, skimmed or pasteurised, and by the animal - cow, goat, sheep, buffalo, horse or camel, some specific to their geographical location and culture!
Here is the complete 'cheese' list!

Wanna know some more interesting facts about Cheeses? Click here.

Ok, its time for some 'cheesy' rules for MBP: Say 'Cheese'.

1. Cook up a vegetarian (eggs allowed) dish with any kind of 'CHEESE' as its main ingredient, from any fellow blogger's posted recipes. (Only BLOGS. other cooking or food websites not allowed).

2. Post a picture of the final recipe on your blog linking it to the blogger (whose recipe you made) and to this event post. You can blog about the entire recipe (highlighting the variations you made, if any) or just the final picture.

3. Please link back to this announcement post and Coffee's MBP page in your posts. Feel free to use any of the following event logos.

Say 'Cheese' 1:

Say 'Cheese' 2:

Say 'Cheese' 3:
4. Email the following details to info[dot]siri[at]gmail[dot]com
  • Your Name
  • Your Blog name and Location
  • Name of the Recipe
  • Permalink of your post
  • Permalink of the original recipe
  • A 300 X 300 picture of your final dish
....with MBP: Say Cheese as the subject line by Sept 25th 2008.

5. There is no limit to the number of entries that you might want to contribute. If you don’t have a blog and wish to participate, send in the details with your pic to the same email address.

6. All entries should be strictly Vegetarian (Eggs allowed).

The roundup will be posted within a week from the event deadline.

P.S: Please give me 48hours to acknowledge the receipt of your entry. (all thanks to my hectic work schedule.) If you fail to get a response within the stipulated time, leave a comment on this post!

You still have a day or two to send in your entries for August's MBP: Fruit Fare.

[EDIT]: Do check out the fruity fare for the previous edition of MBP, guest hosted by Aparna.

Lets get blog hopping and find some 'cheesy' bites then...

Have a great week ahead!

signing off,


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Happy Birthday "siri-corner" . may you see many more mouth watering birthdays and be as sumptuously delightful as you are !!! CHEESE !!!

  3. Congrats o your one year anniversary Siri..And nice hteme for MBP..Count me in!

  4. Happy Birthday Siri's corner! :)

  5. wishing siris corner a heary happy birthday madam ji :D and many such beautiful years to come... and very nice theme.... i wish i could embed this here....

  6. Aparna said.."What a wonderful coincidence, Siri.
    Happy blog anniversary and wishing you many more.
    That's a really nice theme. Lots of bloggers are going to be saying "cheese".:) "..

    dumbo me, I clicked 'Reject' instead of 'Publish'.. Sorry dear and thanks for wishes..


  7. @ Shivani: Thanks sweetie!

    @ Divya, Sig, Swati: Thanks for your wishes gurls..:) Hope to see you whipping up some cheesy goodies for this MBP..:D

  8. Hey Siri..many many happy returns..and wishes for many more wonderful years for this wonderful blog of yours!...

  9. Happy Blog Birthday. Wishing you many more years of happy blogging.

    Nice theme for MBP

  10. Many happy returns of the day Siri......:)

  11. Hey .. congrats on completing an year .. N the theme for MBP is lovely

  12. HI ,
    Many More returns and Happy Blogging... Well i love to say cheeseeee :) I will chip in Dear!

  13. Congrats on the anniversary Siri. Wishing you many more to come!
    Thats a very nice theme that you have chosen for this month's MBP. Will surely try to participate.

  14. what a lovely theme. will surely cook up something :)

  15. Wishing you many more interesting and happy blogging years


  16. Yippeey!!! Cheese ..I love it. Count me in.

  17. Happy B'day to you! Happy B'day to you! Happy B'day dear Siri's Corner! Happy B'day to you! Say "Cheese"!

  18. happy birthday, siri's corner.

  19. Congratulations on making it to your first birthday! I am sure this is first of the many delicious birthdays.

  20. Where did my comment go?$#%@#%!@$%@#

    I commented on the same day as this post and now I come to chk that its not here!!!! Oh well - Happy Birthday dear corner of Siri's..My wishes that it stays for ever..cos this blog plays a big role to assure me of ur existance even we cant catch up often(!!) enough in Phone! One look at your jumpy lumpy(dont hit me- jus joking) posts- puts a smile on to my face....By the way, U said Cheese and I am smiling ! Hope u smile too when I say that to u soon :)

    hugssssssss till you.... ..((echo)) - U know what I will say- so u fill it up

  21. Happy blog birthday! I look forward to another year of your delicious creations. This is a great idea for an event. I will for sure send something along.

  22. congrats on completing a year siri!

  23. happy birthday siri, hope you have many many more and keep up the good work!

  24. congrats Siri... wishing u many more yrs of happy blogging :)

  25. Happy Birthday!! beautiful work!
    I am just 2 weeks old and I am slowly coming across some real great websites, urs being one of them.

    i'll try to send in an entry to celebrate your 1 year event.

    i'll also be adding yout o my list. do come and visit me whenever u can make time.

  26. I remember leaving a comment here, but it doesn't seem to be here. Maybe my memory isn't what it used to be. Must be getting old!
    HappY blog Anniversary, Siri. An apt occasion to say "Cheese".:)

  27. Hi

    great site!! I just started blogging ( 3 weeks old), & I came across the say cheese event. First of all happy birthday and in just a year it is an awesome place built.

    I had a question regarding the event. Does the recipe HAVE to be borrowed from some blog or can I use my original recipe?

  28. @ Soma: the main motive of 'Monthly Blog Patrol' is to cook something for fellow bloggers ..:) Yes, the recipe has to be from other's blog (with your own variations, ofcourse!).

    Hope this helps..


  29. I know if am late but belated happy birthday to you.




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