August 29, 2008

Donate for a Heart - A fundraising campaign

Srivalli of 'Cooking 4 all Seasons' is organising a fund-raising campaign - 'Donate for a Heart' to help Anita Lakshmi, who is sufferring from coronary heart disease.

In Valli's words -

Lakshmi is 28 years old and suffers from Coronary Artery disease. She has two children, aged 3 & 6 and was undergoing treatment in Vijaya Hospital. The entire operation and other costs will go over 5 -6 lakhs (about 15000 USD). Lakshmi needs to be operated within 5-6 months. She is currently prescribed heavy dosage of medicines to sustain. It all depends on how well she responds till then to the medicines. Her health is deteriorating. So we are not sure how stable her condition is.

It was an emotionally moving experience when I visited them. I was daunted by their helplessness and the hope that was lingering somewhere in their look. The children were happy getting a visitor and even got excited posing for a picture. But I am sure the little ones didn't know how serious their mom's condition is. There are many in this condition in India. But we really can't help them all. We can help only those near to us. I hope you will find in your heart to help this cause and give those little children a hope to live!

It a sincere plea to one and all to help and contribute to the event in whatever way they can. You can use the below chip in widget to get your contribution paid safely through Paypal.

There are
some exciting raffle prizes to choose from and I am sponsoring an American Heart Association Quick and Easy Cookbook and a lovely Jute Bag for the event.

Shipping: for US only
Bidding price: $25
Code : Siri_AHA Cookbook

Shipping: Only India
Bidding price: $25
Code : Siri_Jute Bag

The last date for this campaign is September 15th 2008.

For more details about the event: Click here.

Have a great long weekend ahead!

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